Define Unfortunate Meaning

Someone who is plain, they are not totally ugly, but they aren't that attractive either. Mainly used to describe physical appearance but can also be used to describe a person's character, personality, or lifestyle.

"Well, he's not that unfortunate."
By Jocelyn
An expression of utter dismay when you play e5 in response to e4 in a game of bughouse.

Pieces, give me pieces. I think I can checkmate in five.
By Verina
n. Someone who due to finacial or physical disability is less fortunate that yourself. A cripple or hobo for example.

Pity the unfortunates.
By Tine
the act of being sad and pathetic in the eyes of others. Ridiculous attention whore with poor appearance and an upsetting lifestyle. This adjective often describes someone who is not contributing positively to society.

Her appearance is rather "unfortunate."
By Morna
Future teen girl squad death; used when so and so is squashed by a billboard with the word unfortunate on it.

By Ashleigh
When she tells you she was faking it.

Suzie Q: "I have been faking it for years."
John Doe: "Unfortunate..."
By Johanna
Defines a series of super frustrating unfortunate events in a more efficient way in conversation.

Its basically where nothing going right at all but you want to sound a little more positive in describing it to your friends.

"My whole weekend was one big unfortunality." or "His/her whole personality is more like an unfortunality." See {unfortunate}
By Tabitha
The way to lazily and unoriginally reject a job to someone after interviewing them.

You did very well at your interview and are very impressed of your achievements. Unfortunately, no job or money for you.
By Christina
Someone who is attractive, adorable, cute, and beautiful in appearance. But has no friends, no confidence, & no luck , period.

By Fanchette
That's Unfortunate
When someone says something you could care less about.

Friend: I have to go to this family party tommarow.
Me: That's unfortunate.
By Giralda