Define Unfunny Meaning


Mind Of Mencia is the most unfunny piece of shit on TV.
By Dina

Dane Cook is the most unfunny comedian on the planet. At any given time, wherever funny is, Dane Cook is over 9,000 miles away from it.
By Zelma
A piece of garbage that is lauded by an entire generation, yet can't really make people laugh.

I Love Lucy is perhaps the most unfunny show that is mistakenly called funny in the history of television.
By Rozanne
Kids in the Hall, a sketch comedy (and I use the term "comedy" loosely here) by some no-name flapping heads.

Kids in the Hall is as unfunny as it gets; placing a close second is Dave Foley himself.
By Mirabelle

U r so unfunny, Dad!
By Tilda

This youtube channel is unfunny.
By Sharron

Uncyclopedia, trying to be the politically correct, SFW clone of Encyclopedia Dramatica, is one of the most unfunny sites on the internet.
By Tammara
When someone thinks they are hilarious but they aren't.Usally makes shit jokes and refrences memes very often.

Ray is very unfunny, he makes people cry but not with laughter but with great sadness.
By Calley
Something comedic or memeable that is not in the least funny, yet you can't stop looking at it.

"Did you see this meme over here?"
"Oh, that has got to be the most unfunny meme I have seen. I CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT IT!"
By Korie

By Deeann