Define Unprecedented Meaning

Anything that President Barack Obama does or any challenge that he is faced with.

"President Obama's trip to China was unprecedented."

"When President Obama passed the unprecedented stimulus package, it was because of an unprecedented economic crisis."

"Obama is faced with the unprecedented dilemma of inheriting two unprecedented wars. I'm sure whatever he does to handle them will be unprecedented... Even if it's a troop surge."

"I can't wait to see what unprecedented method he comes up with to deal with the unprecedented deficit."
By Karol
Stemming from the culture of boolandishness, unprecedented is frequently used in scenarios that have been previously unexperienced, and\or have newfound meaning. The term is best applied during instant messenger conversation and must be spelled out ideally with three spaces between each letter to signify the unfounded satisfaction and glory.

1) The lerk of the day was absolutely U N P R E C E D E N T E D.

2) There were many unprecedented lerks that we succombed to throughout the day.
By Evelyn
Meaning: "not in my severely limited knowledge".
Commonly used by politicians and any other professional who doesn't know what they're talking about.
This is the most overused word of our generation.

By Elsbeth

The Executive Orders Obama signed without even reading the content is extremely unprecedented of our president.
By Orelee

The Executive Orders Obama signed without even reading the content is extremely unprecedented of our president.
By Edy
Unprecedented Times
the PR marketing-friendly term that business use to describe the state of pandemonium caused by coronavirus in 2020.

During these unprecedented times, our business will still be here for you, we are your friend, we will make you happy.
By Brittan
Unprecedented Boobage
1. phrase meant to express incredulity at the prescence of large mammaries.

2. an expression of sublime favor for a set of boobs that have no precedent.

3. A perfect and rare set of titties.

Nothing could have prepared me for that unprecedented boobage.

That unprecedented boobage must have been at least a D-cup.
By Emeline
Never before seen or fathomed of behavior, awesomeness, or possibility.

I've never seen this happen before. Total unprecedentedness!
By Letty
These Unprecedented Times
"these unprecedented times" refers to an overused phrase describing the COVID-19 global pandemic. This overuse was most evident in public statements by schools and universities, politicians, corporations, and health authorities. Over the course of the pandemic, Twitter users began to mock this public relations cliché, by associating the phrase with the wider COVID-19 meme culture.

Variations include"these challenging times," "these uncertain times," and "these trying times."

During these unprecedented times, we must come together and we will survive this new normal.
By Nana
Events that have been shown to you and ignored, at least a fortnight in advance.

"These are unprecedented events" - Gove, Johnson, et al.
By Sarajane