Define Up On You Meaning

Up On You
Beating someone in a game or match. Being in the lead.

By Adel
Up To You
Used when trying to say "I don't frankly give enough of a damn to consider which you should choose, ask someone else." in a polite way.

Guy1: Should I listen to A or B?
Guy2: (indifferently and nonchalantly) Up to you.
Guy1: -.-
By Carmel
It's Up To You
The indecisive person's go-to when confronted with a decision they have to make. Next to 'it doesn't matter to me'. Rather than collaborate to come to a conclusion, they whip this puppy out to relieve all liability from them onto the other person.

'Should we stick with our original plans or go out with friend?'

'It's up to you'

'Any place you have in mind to go out to eat?'

'It's up to you'


'It's up to you'

'Paper or plastic?'

'It's up to you'

'Do you have any preferences at all?'

'Its up to you.'
By Chrystal
A sentence used by a legendary man that has the power to kill people with annoyance

Dude: Hey wanna play?
You: Sure
Dude: UP TO YOU!
You: x_x
By Glory
Give Up On You stop having a friendship with someone
2. not expect

By Toinette
Pull Up On You
To come to you or visit you.

"Later today Imma pull up on you! Where you at?"
By Ynez
Make It Up To You
A phrase said when someone makes you feel like horse manure and then acts like they are going to rectify their carelessness by doing something that would actually constitute a change in their behavior, when really it's just bullshit words that allow them to be forgiven until they repeat said horse manure behavior.

"Sorry I stood you up, I'll make it up to you!"
By Charmian
Pop Up On You

You didn't answer my phone calls all day. You must want me to pop up on you?!
By Mira
I'm Up To You
A phrase used to signify to an individual that you are aware of their current level shenanigans and believe that you have surpassed them in your level of shenanigans.

The phrase is best delivered in a condescending vocal tone.

Garfield: Hey! Odie!
Odie: Whats up Garfield?
Garfield: I'm up to you.
By Leticia
Burning Up For You

Length: 4:47
Artist: Sara
Appearances: IIDX 7th Style, Initial D
Recording company: Avex Trax

IIDX info:
Length: 1:55
Category: Hyper Eurobeat
Light 7: 2 stars/208 notes
7 Keys: 4 stars/421 notes
Another (7): 735 notes
Light 14: 4 stars/521 notes
14 Keys: 5 stars/600 notes
Another (14): 727

I've passed Burning Up For You on 7 Keys, and I have yet to try it on Another (7)
By Lusa