Define Ur Meaning

1. Moronic abbreviation for "your," "you are," or "you're." It should NOT be pronounced "yur," but rather how it looks: ur (rhyming with purr, fur, her, etc.).
2. A city of ancient Sumer in southern Mesopotamia on a site in present-day southeast Iraq. One of the oldest cities in Mesopotamia, it was an important center of Sumerian culture after c. 3000 b.c. and the birthplace of Abraham. The city declined after the sixth century B.C.

JEZro07210 (10:32:58 PM): ur sucha fucking fagatar fucking moron

By Carine
Well it's not a possessive pronoun. D: It's not that hard to type "your" or "you're". God forbid you take an extra second out of your chatting sessions to spell correctly.

Ur is the town the Onion Kids are from.
By Angeline
Moronic, half-assed spelling or "your" or "you're" used by close-minded, slow chatroom/AOLer individuals who can't type fast enough, and will use the excuse: 'i hav 2 use slang coz i am tokin 2 lots ov pplz unlyk u LOLZ', even though I could talk to several people without using a single abbreviation.

Although these slow-minded turdburglars use it to represent 'u r', or 'you are', it is not spelt the way it would be pronunced. 'Ur' would be pronunced as 'err' or 'uhr', not 'yer' or 'yur'.
By Philippine
Wrong english for both "You're" (you are) and "Your."

To remember the correct difference, the apostrophe represents a missing letter (as in the "G" from "Cookin'" and "Goin'") in the case of "You're" it's the missing "A."
As for "Your" it means it belongs to someone or something. (Genetive form. In some ways, the possessive form.)
After committing these to memory, it gets extremely easy to remember without looking it up. Helpful examples:-

"You're" (You are.)

"You're next."

"That place is heavily guarded, you're not going in there, are you?"

"You're dead, wait 'till I get my hands on you."

"When you're there, turn left."


"This is your car."

"Your Majesty."

"Let's go to your place."

"Is this your's?"

Both definitions.

"You're going to your wedding and that's that!"

"You're responsible for your mistakes."

"That's your pet and you're going to take care of it, not me!"
By Thomasine
illiterate individuals way of saying your, or you're.

By Verine

By Ellyn
Short form for the word "your."

Person 1: Can I plz use ur hair tie tmr?!.
Person 2: NO!!!
By Gabriel
Unacceptable abbreviation used mostly by low-IQ illiterates
and ignorant teenages caught up in the moron culture, found
mainly in text-messaging and internet chat.

Used as an abbreviation for both "you're" (yoore) and "your"
(yore) out of laziness and to try hide the fact that they
don't know the difference. Other more correct abbreviations
exist for "your", such as yr, ya and yo, but clearly
the user of ur doesn't know the difference.

Hence the occurence of both "ur gay" and "ur momma"
where the abbreviation takes on different pronunciation
and meaning.

P1: They say that ur ur own worst enemy.

P2: Don't you mean ur yr own worst enemy?

P1: Umm, ur momma.

P2: "You're momma"? No I am not momma.

P1: Your gay!

P2: My gay? No, I don't have a gay. Go back to school.
By Ronalda
hometown of abraham, the founder of judaism

abraham was from ur dude
By Corilla
A short version of your and you're. Often used on the internet and in games like roblox and minecraft.

Person: "ur sleeping"
Other person: "*SNORE*"
3rd person: "ur right, he is sleeping!'
By Austin