Define Urge Meaning

Strong desires to engage in sexual relations with another.

The reason I avoid hanging out with you is because I have urges.
By Ines
urg is an expressional word that expresses, frustration, anger, fright, hate, bitterness, love, kindness, happiness, and sadness. This depends on how you use it.

Urg! My girlfriend gave me a father Nelson the other night.

Urg! Who the hell stole my wallet.

The Urg Man tells all to go out and vote against George W. Bush, Urg!
By Una
The Urge
The Urge is the best pure clan in all of RuneScape.

The Urge owned Final Ownage Elite in a full out F2P war today.
By Valene
Acronym: You Are Gay

Variation: URAG - You Are All Gay

"I just received an email from Frank, all it says is URG?"
By Robinetta
Commonly referred to as "The Urge"

The urge is the physical manifestation of the deep rooted need or incumbent desire to engage in homosexual activity.

It is often experienced as a tick or twitch in the hands, eyelid and in sever cases cramping of the toes. However unnoticed by most it can be a clear indication to those who experience it as well.

Laying in bed my hand was twitching and it was clear that I had the urge.

He suffered from the urge after going into the locker room.
By Kameko
Means power, speed or force (New Zealand Slang)

I buy a better, faster Broadband modem to give me more "Urgs"
By Mufinella
Microsoft's attempt of challenging the dominance of Apple's iTunes. Created with the help of a pact with the Devil (also known as MTV).

The next chapter in Microsoft's desire to monopolize every aspect of electronics, right after their Xbox 360 console.

Will Urge flop? who knows/cares....
By Katrinka
to replace the phrase "meh"

"wow urg so much better captures my expression than meh!"
By Nana
1. The act of throwing up.

2. A word which may replace any other single word in a sentence, effectively taking on the meaning of the replaced word for that sentence.

1. Yo Jerry just drank 8 handles of vodka, you think he'll urg?

2. The object of the game of grifball is to urg the bomb into the opponents's goal.
By Terrie
a word that makes no sense but you say when you are being annoed also look up nih

sam: pleasepleaseplease
By Letizia