Define Verbs Meaning

1) Action Words

2) A slang term for boobs

1) Teacher: "Jimmy, use your verbs,"

2) Jimmy: "Your verbs are BIG!"
By Donetta
A word indicating an action or doing things.

Such verbs include:
.....among MANY others.

In this day and age, anything can be a verb.

"'s whatcha do!"
-that commercial
By Sibella

Let us verb the people's mentality in unison.
By Wendi
Having turned a noun into a verb.

Any noun can be verbed. For example, any noun can be verbed.
By Linell
The grammatical choice of taking a word that is usually a noun and using it a verb.

These are all examples of verbing:
"That drag queen womans better than I do."
"I potatoed on the couch all day today"
"I'm so tired I can't even brain right now"
By Marney
The act of turning a noun into a verb. Verbing results in verbation. Although in a sense it is the inverse of a gerund, a word that has been verbed can actually be turned back into a noun as a gerund. Hence verbing is the gerund form of the verbed noun "verb."

I googled you before our first date.

Jerk! Stop verbing!
By Maurene
To turn a noun into a verb

To verb the word verb requires that the word verb be used as a verb
By Yoko
It's what you do.

ejaculate, sex, smoke, drink, steal, run, beat j00r meat
By Patricia
A word that describes an action.

Kiss, Bite, Tease, Suck; Grind, Lick, Cum, Fuck... Verb, It's what you do!
By Janis
Verbing someone or just verbing PERIOD, is when you talk reckless about somebody or just straight up diss that person! Its basically the same thing as violating someone except verbing is STRICTLY verbal, never physical. Comes from the term verbal abuse.

-I'll drop anybody that verb my momma!

-Why you gotta verb me like that??

-N*ggas always verbin', but never bout that action..
By Zorana