Define Vest Meaning

specifically a Bullet-Proof vest. Most typically a vest of kevlar worn by police officers. More recently made famous by Fifty wearing one all the time.

Playa's got some enemies so he's been sportin a vest.
By Wendie

1. a bulletproof vest

2. any of the various sleeveless top garnments(a term which varies by country)

Looks like he got arrested for his vest.
By Ann

Doctor Dre: Grab a vest for your jimmy in the city of sex
By Janaye
an item that is worn too frequently by people attempting to pass as fashionable; hard to pull off

Today, Tia paired her scarf with her vest, blue dress and gold shoes, adding up to the most horrific outfit known to man.
By Anabella
Little tight stretchy strappy top for girls and women. Used to be underwear but now seen worn by girls/women of all ages, classes, fashion sensibilities.

Can be cotton, polyester, nylon and often a combination with Lycra, eg: cotton/lycra mix.

see also camisole

You look so horny in that little vest top
By Marinna
an item of clothing that makes others shudder.

sophie was wearing a vest, then the other girls made her eat lunch in the bathroom!
By Krista
A puffy nylon garment with a zipper which looks really sexy on little girls.

By Randee
Any artist who jumps on a site, pwns all the non-artists, and gets tons of cred in the art world.

I was such a veSte on DeviantArt that all the mods got jealous and kicked me from teh site. LOLZ.
By Marje
A sleeve-less piece of clothing worn by douche bags, or the bag that all the dicks are stored in

Oh man, today is going to suck... my boss is wearing his vest
By Nance
Crochless underwear for the upper torso

Dam did you see Felicia letting it all hang out in those crochless panties pulled over her head calling it a vest
By Birgitta