Define Video Meaning


shakira has nice titties. i like to watch her video clips on mute while i jam on my guitar
By Mildrid

I watch a porn video every time I wanna jack-off
By Staci
Multiple meanings: Video Cassette or Video Recorder or Video Player or to make a home movie or to record a TV Programme or Screened Animated Images.

In order to view a video, a video must be placed in the video.
By Dixie
the word you say when you actually mean recording, and you just have to say it because your teeth can't stop it!!!

Omg Frances!! Are you videoing me in my speedo on the north pole with a thong on my head???
By Cherie
The Video
A video in witch it was posted on IGN Messege board "The Vestibule". The video contains a bunch of stupid people harming they're penises(cutting, choping, electrocuting, piercing...).

The video is very discusting i advise you not to watch it unless you are brave and do not have a weak stomach.

i was watching "The Video"
By Carie
A word similar to filmed, shot,or recorded.

Green Day videoed Basket Case in black and white and then added color.
By Sephira
Pronounced Vid e o, Is a series of images showed typically on a streaming service "Youtube" Each image is known as a "Frame" That is recorded from a type of phone or camera. The most common frames are 60. Aka 60 FPS (Frames per second) And incase you are wondering the first ever video, or also known as film previously. was made in the 1890's. Whitch was recording a train.

Guy 1:Yo dude, Did you see that new video?
Guy 2: With the dancing cat?
Guy 1:Yeah
Guy 2: That was such a funny video!
By Enrica
No No Videos

dad: bruh are watchin no no videos
son: dad it not what it looks like

dad: UGLY get out of here
By Bernadene
Something your aunt would say when she wants you to take a video. Videoing videoed video

"Hey can you video me in front of this Larry David Statue?"

"Yo did you video that!!?? That was crazy"

Videoing videoed video
By Berrie
Cat Video
What every single woman in the world is watching right now.

I want to get sexy with my GF but she's more interested in watching those damn cat videos.
By Lorain