Define Vocal Meaning

When some on is speaking on situations everyone is thinking, but on one says.

At a party**
Drew: y’all ass smell like straight sea water .

Juan: yo, drew your being too vocal .
By Angela
The act of screaming obscenities out of a moving vehicle in order to observe the reactions of the person(s) vocaled.

While driving in a vehicle, screaming "cocksucker" or any other explicit material at pedestrians, other motorists, etc.

"Jesse and I went vocaling, and vocaled the shit out of two cops."
By Myrtice
Some solid set of lungs for a singer and a grand voice...

Celine Dion's got some vocals! (She's got a great voice)
By Minta
When someone is being disrespectful, or says something everyone else is thinking but won’t say.

Random Female; “And I’ll beat anybody ass in this bitch.

Aaliyah; “ who ass?”

Armon; “ I don’t know, shorty ass being too vocal”
By Gail
To say something disrespectful, or something everyone else is thinking but won’t say.

Random Female: “And I’ll beat everybody ass in this bitch!”

Aaliyah: “who ass?!”

Armon: “I don’t know, shorty ass being too vocal.”
By Kippie
Into the spirit of vocals. Feel for the vocals. Be one with the vocals. You have,"voca-lism"

That member from that band really showed vocalism, tonight.
By Maurise
Main Vocal
the person in a group with the best singing technique, who gets the most difficult vocal parts and lots of singing lines

Wow, Siyeon from Dreamcatcher really is the best main vocal!
By Jerrine
Vocal Legend

"Do you know who the vocal legend of our century is?"
"Kim Jongdae is not only that bitch, he is a vocal legend."
By Koral
Vocal Minority
The small group of individuals that frequently and strongly voice their opinions, constrasting with the silent majority that makes up most of the population base, but rarely give their opinions.

Mostly used to refer to forums of a particular service or product, such as a video game.

Vocal Forum Poster : Oh my God, I totally hate all the changes that have been made to this game! You all suck!

Game Developer : Noted. But we're not going to undo the changes, because only the people that don't like them would take the time to come complain, the vocal minority of players. Most people are happy with the changes, and wouldn't stop playing the game to come post on these forums.

By Irene
Vocal Closet
A Closet in a vocal room in which a slut gives a younger dude a blow job. this often occurs without other ppls knowledge.

man, me and that slut went into the vocal closet and i got blown!
By Cherilyn