Define Walked Meaning

Losing a considerable lead in a footrace as a result of being slower than an opponent.

Commonly seen in football when a slower back breaks into the open for an apparent touchdown, only to be caught up to and tackled by a speedier defensive back. Also seen in later legs of track relays.

"I can't BELIEVE you just got walked; you had a 20 yard head start! You're so slow!"
By Lanny
Walk The Walk
Walk the Walk means to show others about something by your own footsteps, your own example of the way to do it. You yourself are walking the way for them to follow by your own life.

She told them at the meeting "You need to Walk the Walk
yourselves for them to understand! By your own example is how they will learn what it means to be a Christian.
By Kipp
Walk That Walk
when a girl walks differently than most cause she has a big butt,and big hip,and or big thighs

she can walk that walk
By Ambur
Walked In On
to go into a room and see what someone is doing, when they did not want to be seen

Mom just walked in on me when I nutted all over Rachel's face .... awks
By Rasia
The urge to walk a lot, especially after a long period of convalescence.

Xaviera is extremely walkative since her knee stopped hurting.

I used to be extremely walkative in my youth, but arthritis put paid to that.
By Winny
The Walk
A time where the elite cousins go outside during thanksgiving to get high.

Can I go on the walk with you guys?

Sorry Will, this special walk is only for the big kids.
By Dacy
Walk In On
To open a door only to find that one is interupting a romantic and possibly sexual scene

Mary: "Hey Sharlene, didn't you walk in on your parents boning one time?"
Sharlene: "Uhh.. i don't wanna talk about it"
By Mead
the process of moving your feet up and down while moving forward, in order to get to a specific destination.

By Dallas
Walk On
an athelete who was not offered to play for a university or an nfl team but tried out and made the team.

trying out for a team and making it... u would be considered a walk on
By Cynthy
A fly with its wings removed. It can only walk, hence the name.

I like to play with my pet walk
By Edithe