Define Wanna Meaning


By Glenna

By Pansie
Short for the question, "Do you want to?"

Tyrone was drunk was bounced from the bar. He was yelling to everybody he saw on the street,"Wanna fuck?"
By Cora
another way of asking

you wanna grab that beer in the fridge bruh
By Amabel
Term used by evil clowns that want you to stare into their dead lights.

Clown: Dontcha wanna?
By Delia
Wanna Be
a person who acts like someone that they are not. also see moron

jeff is such a wanna be.
By Anjanette
Wanna Be
Desperate person who wants another persons identity so does a pathetic impersonation lame

Get yo big I wanna be Mike face....
By Gerladina
Wanna Be
Another person trying to imitate another. Most of the time for "popularity" or to get rid of their insecurity.
Wanna be Goth, Wanna be Prep... etc.

Jamiey is such a wanna be!
By Shana

By Edi
Wanna Be's
White people who act like black people. IE: Rap, wear bling, buy and wear hoodies, and say the N word repedatly around black people.

White guy: Yo dogz, I just been sittin up in tha hood pimpin' up my bitches, foo!

Black guy 1: We gonna cap yo ass, sucka'.
Black guy 2: Racist cracka'.
Black guy 1: Damn Wanna Be's.
By Jerry