Define Want To Meaning

Want To
a phrase difficult to say aloud correctly, and is thus heard as ‘wanna’.

Try to say the sentence “I do not not want to eat it.” korrectly; in order to do so, you will sound nasaly, sort-of like a stuck-up French person. Just be sure that y‘are not actually saying ‘wants to’. If you say it too many times, your ‘d’ in ‘do-not’ starts sounding different.
By Eartha
desire or wish for possession or presence of something

I cannot change what I want unless I want to.
By Orella
According to Jason Parks (writer at Baseball Prospectus), #want is the manifestation of human desire and physical yield; when the yearning for perfection becomes visible to the naked eye.

Kevin: He was at the ballpark at 9 AM for a 7 PM game taking cuts in the cage.

Jason: #want right there.
By Charlena
The coolest of the cool. Only the most popular, buffest, funniest and best looking can obtain this title. It's an honor to be referred to with this pronoun.

Oh my god you're right! He's definitely a WaNtEd, I wish i could be as cool as him
By Agretha
To feel a desire or urge for something; to feel a lust toward.

Child: "I want a sticker!"

Dad: "And I want $1,000,000." *Punts child*
By Brittani
have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for.

By Kristine
A discrete way to ask for actions pertaining to sexual intercourse.

Person 1: Want?
Person 2: Sure, sounds like a good time.
By Olivette
An overwhelming feeling of sexual attraction for another person. Usually defined by increased heart rate, heat in erogenous zones and occasional staring and sweating. Can manifest itself with alcoholic beverage consumption, appropriate music, dinner or clever conversation.

Can occur in a single individual but is most often enjoyed with a minimum of two willing participants.

"After the conversation I had with that hot chick, I got hit with the wantness real bad."
By Annecorinne
"wants On"
a strong, uncontrollable desire for someone sexually.

You can tell by his giant woody, that he "wants on" Mary.
By Joye
The Wanted
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By Fayette