Define Way Meaning

Usually said by Mexicans.Meaning fool.Its not recommended to say to Mexicans,unless you plan on getting your ass jumped.

Mexican- "Ay way, que onda?"

Translations- "Ay fool,what's happenin?"
By Jordan
Utah-speak for hella. "Hella" is hella better than "way".

syn. Hella, very, totally, extremely, etc.

That car is way cool!
By Ange
the only proper response when someone says "no way" to your assertion(s).

'Dude, my pops confiscated my stash!'
'Dude, no way!'
By Mame
an irish expression meaning well done you twat!!! can be used after a compatriot has made an ass of his or herself by falling or dropping something or saying something stupid

sarah: WAY u absolute tool
james:(looks embarassed)
By Eleonore
used to mock someone/thing when some sort of thing happens to that thing/person.

mam - cheese and crackers! granny fell down the well!
kid - WAYYYY!!!
mam - fuck up.

girl one - yeah so i was giving this nigga head and then- oops i just tripped over that massive stone back there.
girl two - wayy, well in dipfucker.

couch potato - oh dear, look at this huuge tsunami what's gone and happened on china.
friend - wayyy!
By Maire
mexican slang for fool, or dog....coaution could be considered quite offensive to older mexicans; imagine calling your grandfather nigga.

mexican trying to be ironic-que pasta way!

older mexican-gives guy dirty look

younger mexican-este way!
By Deana
Used primarily by mexican and mexican-americans as a term for home or brother. In spanish i believe it means stupid or some kind of derogatory term.

Mexican guy " What's up way?"
Other mexican guy "nothin way just chillin"
By Bettina
WAY. Who Asked You.
Used in response to "Cool story, bro," or any situation in where someone says their opinion, and you don't care.

Steven: "Bro, I got an A on my Math Test."
James: "Cool story, bro."
Steven: "Way."
By Cherey
a witty response to the commonly uttered phrase "no way"
* as seen in the blockbuster movies Wayne's World parts 1 & 2

You: Dude, I won $100 in the lottery
Your Friend: No Way!!
You: Way!!
By Anna-Diane
"Way too much"- too much of something

You said this way too much
By Inna