Define We Hit Meaning

We Hit
you and a friend love having threesomes; down to have a threesome

Jake wanted to come over because he heard we hit
By Ursala
We Hit Those
A famous quote from fortnite streamer Dakotaz when he hits a long snipe or a trickshot. He gets excited af when someone copies his quote for a similar reason.

Dakotaz: hits a 999m snipe
Also Dakotaz: WE HIT THOSE!
By Margaretta
Can We Hit
Usually placed before a like goal

YouTuber: Guys can we hit 5k likes?
5 year old: YES!!!!
Youtuber: *continues video*
By Merola
We Hit Those
A phrase coined by Quinn when you bang on your head and yell it out

Aye Pauly, We hit Those!
By Guenevere