Define Wenches Meaning

Local term for women or girls

Two chaps in a club

Chap 1: What ya doin?
Chap 2: Just chillin and checkin out the wenches.
By Alis
A verb used to describe persuing wenches in one's local hostelry

My hobbies include fishing, topiary, 1960s French cinema and wenching
By Lizette

Diana is a wench.......
By Reiko
From the verb "to wench".

One of the most enjoyable pastimes of young men. The act of shamelessly flirting, charming and pursuing women (or "wenches" with the sole purpose of bedding them.

(wench: (1) an old word used for the young women that worked in taverns in the evenings and were often easily persuaded to work nights too.

(2)Young hussy/flirt.)

Drinking, Gambling and Wenching ...what more could a man wish to do.
By Alameda
An admired woman in your crew, a talented warrior seductress, that can inspire adventure or take a bland situation and make it rife with excitement.

By Wallis
historically a non-derrogatory word for a woman who was not a lady. thus a waitress in times of yore was a "serving wench." more modernly synonimous with bitch or slut but slightly less ofencive

Call over the one of the kitchen wenches, i must needs have more ale.

Give that back you wench!
By Ina
A voluptuous female pirate type woman, usally with a firey attitude, and usually seen around taverns and bars, seaside fishing towns, and wherever pirates roam.

"Argg! That wench be as ugly as a fox!"


"I am a wench. Kiss me."
By Minette
A stout, voluptuous maiden. Usually associated with the Rennaissance and taverns, where the wench is pictured as a bar-maid, boldly flirting with the swashbucklers and pirates.

Is a softer, less-offending version of bitch.

A mispronunciation of "wrench".

Misspelling in classifieds:

"FOR SALE: 8,500 pound power wench and a queen-size water bed."
By Rowe
a beautiful women who engages particularly in duties concerning domestic affairs, kitchen cleaning, or ale serving

the object of a pirate's affection

usually found in sea faring ports, in the back of the kitchen scrubbing pots, passed out under a pirate ship's deck, or tending to the wash.

Yaaar!! Call over the tavern wench. Me ale bucket needs a filling. And while you're there, tell 'er that she should clean out the stain she left on my bed sheets last night. Arrrr!
By Natalie
Peasant girl. Can also be used as a slightly and less aggresive version of bitch.

"That wench ate my waffles."
"You wench!"
By Olive