Define Went Meaning

Sometimes used in place of said. Hopefully dying out.

"And so I went, 'You'll never get this thing running,' and he went, 'Then I'll push it off a cliff.'"
By Orelia

"I went behind the bush."
By Edi
n: an amalgam of the words "weed" and "rent."

Enough of this roaching... time to pay the went.
By Patience
Went With
Another word for dating. Used by parents of the baby boomer generation.

Leo went with Ethel, until he found Barb.
By Jeniece
Went In
to perform an action in stand-out fashion; to deliver lyrics or statements with notable passion, energy or aggression.

I went in on that girl; she was scratching my back like she ws digging for gold
By Gertrude
having a small cock

I have a average wenteds
By Caria
to come, or be pleasured.

"i am sitting here naked"

"oh god, i just went"
By Selina
An amalgamation of the words "Woman" and "Tent".

Chris: "Hey, that went is infinitely inferior to our Ment!"
By Tate
it's like wigger, but a wente is someone who wants to be a chente for reasons unknown

and there are only two of them

and they rock their wente status

And the wonderful things abour wentes, is that Ali and Thomas are the only ones!
By Annamarie
Went Fizzy
the expression used to describe yourself,
when someone else bites into a citrus fruit,
and you think you get the same tingly feeling, of the juices in your mouth, and shudder.

"Did you see Snow White the other day",
"Yeah, when she bit into the apple I went fizzy".

"I always go fizzy when I see someone bite into an orange"
By Elwira