Define What Does Meaning

What Does It Take
This is a phrase that you would begin with and say when your already giving your best at something and still don't make your goal.

Usually occurs during school tests when you have total confidence and still fail.

What does it take to make the top 10 in our class?!! IVE TRIED EVERYTHING!!
By Joellen
What Does It Do
Simialr to "what is it". Basically just another whats up or whats goin on. Primarily a bay area term.

What does it do pimperoni? Not shit beezy, just posted at the criznib bored as twoBYfour.
By Lexie
What Does That Mean?

By Halette
What Does Juicy Say?
1. Part of the the tag line for famous hip-hop producer Juicy-J with the phrase ending in "Shut the fuck up!"
2. What you can say to someone when you don't feel like saying "Shut the fuck up"

Adam- "Heard from Timmy you and Eric were going ham between the sheets"
Eve- "What does Juicy say?"

By Abigael
What Does A Bean Mean?

By Marlene
What Does The Fox Say




dude 1:what does the fox say?
dude 2:idk rofl i cant sing that with dignity
By Irina
What Does The Fox Say?

"What does the fox say?"
"What is your sound?"
By Jazmin
What Does The Fox Say?
Nothing, foxes can't pronounce words. Maybe they have another language, but nowadays it is a mistery.

By Maryl
What Does The Fox Say?

Girlfriend: I forgot my toothbrush, so I used yours.
Boyfriend: What does the fox say?
By Amara
What Does That Even Mean?
A rhetorical question asked to undermine someone's point or argument; a more abrupt version of "that doesn't make sense" or "that's not relevant;" sometimes "I don't understand and it's your fault."


A: Poor people in rural Indiana are poor because they live in rural Indiana.
B: What does that even mean?


A: Where have you been for the past few months? I've be calling and writing and haven't heard anything back.
B: I went dark for a while.
A: What does that even mean?
By Joni