Define Whatcha Meaning

abreviation of "what are you"

whatcha gonna do muthaphukin'
By Erminia
An abbreviated way to say "what do you".

By Kippy
aword used by rappers (rap music)means what do you.

song by Da Brat
whatcha u like(what you like)
By Francene
Shortened way of saying "what are you upto" or "what are you doing"

Not doing much, Whatcha?
By Jere
It is word used sometimes by Mexicans.
Whatcha is short for "Watch Out" Or Simply "Look"

Orale Ese, gonna park the rafla over by the garage next to my canton, whatcha.
By Estell
Whatcha Doin'?
It's a slang-y version of "What are you doing?", a question that expresses our interest in other person's recent or present actions.

- Hey Beepson, whatcha doin'?
- I'm just fiddlin' around. Nothin' special.
By Flossi
Something a lad says when he can't think of what he is trying to 'whatcha-call-it' say.

"eeeeeeee how, Jonesy, Boundey theres whatcha-call-it!!"
By Dulciana
Whatcha Know
Phrase used in the southern United States by hicks. Means "how are you doing/been?" Or "what are you up to?"

Whatcha know, Billie Bob? Been a while since I've seen you in the liquor store.
By Abbe
Whatcha Say?

Well, instead of going out on the town tonight, how about going to my place, ordering pizza (already got the wine!) and renting a good movie? I'm kinda tired, you know. Whatcha say? And...there may be a surprise bonus here...
By Jorrie
Whatcha Recipe
Literally "What's Your Recipe"

The underlying factors that result in a specific outcome.

Man, you get all the ladies. Whatcha Recipe?

Man, stop beating on me? Whatcha Recipe?

You let him treat you like a punk, whatcha recipe?
By Viole