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When You
When you

By Hilary
When You When
omg amogus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!1!
whEN YOU when YoUU WHenNN YOuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
joe mommm!!!!!!
when you

By Felicdad
When You When You
The act of knowing an idea, concept or abstract thought with utmost, absolute confidence. It is usually followed by a repetitive forward finger wag while raising your eyebrows in a lateral motion.

Little Arturo! Are you going to drink tonight? Alejandro.... When you when you!
By Lonni
When You See It
A phrase osu! players use whenever 727 is seen, anywhere it is seen, mostly excluding punctuations. A reference to Cookiezi's (former #1 osu! player) choke on Blue Zenith +HR (and later +HDHR) worth 727pp (performance points)

Often abbreviated to WYSI.

Variations include: When you fucking see it (WYFSI), When you don't see it (WYDSI, whenever it is 1 digit off from 727 such as 717 and 737), etc.

Example 1:
osu! Player: no I choked my first 7* fc... wait MY ACC IS 97.27% WHEN YOU SEE IT
Example 2:
osu! Player: *looks outside and sees a truck with the number 727*
Example 3:
osu! Player 1: lol check the time
osu! Player 2: OMG WYSI WYSI IT'S 7:27 PM
By Constancia
When You See It
A phrase that often accompanies an image with a subtle idiosyncrasy that may take the viewer a few seconds to notice. Most of the time, it is a black person hidden in a dark area.

By Shannon
When You Drop The Blunt
all stoners describe this disgrace as a sign someone’s f*cking your b*tch

“Remember when you drop the blunt someone fucking your bitch!”
By Bari
Thats When You Know
sombody says somthing so retarted or embarrasing you say "thats when you know"

retard: what are you talking about! today is already over!
me: thats when you know

t-bagging a claymore? thats when you know
By Eleonora
When You Put It That Way
A phrase meant to represent one's humble acceptance of the fact that he was wrong all along, after it being made completely obvious by the other part.

Example 1:
Boyfriend: Hey babe, do you want some ice cream?
Girlfriend: I better not, I might get fat...
Boyfriend: You're already fat.
Girlfriend: When you put it that way...

No, wait that's sort of surreal. Here's a better one:

Example 2:
Person 1: You really shouldn't eat that beef.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: It's murder! They killed a cow for that.
Person 2: You're eating Salmon.
Person 1: It's not the same thing.
Person 2: So you're saying that I shouldn't eat my beef because it's murder and we should treat all animals alike, inferring that I would not eat this were it human meat and yet you think of that dead salmon as an inferior creature in comparison to said cow.
Person 1: When you put it that way...
By Frederique
When You Get A Chance
Nice way of telling someone you want something done NOW.

Person 1: Hey, when you get a chance, can you do the dishes.

Person 2: Yeah, but I don't think I'll have a chance until next week.
By Odessa
Smile When You Say That
(Western US via cowboy movies)

Your last remark crossed the line. Immediately retract/clarify/soften it, or I'll be offended/in your face/pumping you full of lead.

"Of course, there never was a man born in those parts who was worth a damn..."

"Smile when you say that!"
By Izabel