Define Whiney Meaning

Someone who over thinks everything, and cries when they don't get exactly what they want

What's up with Paris?
You know her, being whiney again
By Perrine
Whiney Vaginey
When one constantly complains about anything and everything. When one acts like someone threw sand in their vagina.

I am so sick and tired of (insert name here) being a Whiney Vaginey!
By Ailis
Whiney Bitch
Someone who exemplifies rather large amounts of crybaby-bullshit in order to: 1) get sympathy from the people around him/her.
2) make them self feel like less of a dumbass

"somebody shut chris the hell up. no one cares about his wussy knuckle"
By Blancha
Whiney Winkle
A basement-dwelling adult still dependent upon their parent(s) who spends their day playing video games and protesting against things they do not understand and do not WANT to understand. AKA "snowflakes."

Less than a dozen whiney winkles protested outside the Trump rally attended by 15,000 people with another 4,000 left outside because they were unable to get tickets.
By Ddene
Whiney Cunt
A person who must complain about anything and everything to any and everyone because they truly believe they are the exact center of the Universe.

1. "Fuckin shit, she's bitching about her boyfriend again, she's such a whiney cunt!"

2. "Everyone who demands a deletion of definitions on Urban Dictionary given the excuse that it offends them because they are (cat lovers, italians, homosexual, americans, black, honda drivers, nazis, cs players, children, christians, assholes, french, perverted, liberal, blonde, etc..) are all whiney cunts and need to shut the fuck up!"

3. "All 12-15 year old teeny boppers who complain about how much their life sucks are whiney cunts."
By Evangelina
Lil' Whiney
Another name for an overrated POS rapper know as Lil' Wayne.

Person A: Ll' Wayne sound like a whiney ass baby..he'll be on any shitty song just to make a buck.

Person B: Yeah, they should call him Lil' Whiney.
By Dolli
A person that always whines and gets their way with anything.

You are such a whiney-woo!
By Lana
Whiney Bitch
Somebody who whines all the time about nothing.

my friend Ashley
God your suck a whiney bitch!
By Silvana
Whiney Baby
A person who breaks up with their significant other with intentions of asking his/her best friend out. The person ultimately finds out the grass isn't greener on the other side and attempts to reclaim said 'ex', only to discover said 'ex' has moved on to his/her best friend.

The whiney baby should have expected that what goes around comes around. How could he not expect his ex to F his best bud when he F'd her best gal :\
By Ketty
Whiney Bitch
A typical liberal; a person who cries and bitches constantly over stupid things, or when they lose a game or a race. What comes out of their mouths is usually nonsense and bullshit, but not always.

Why do the Kerry-voters always have to be such whiney bitches?
By Klarika