Define White Meaning


Jim: "You got any white left from that 8 ball?"
Jack: "Nah, I finished it all off last night."
By Casi

Hey, you still got that white?
By Vannie
Adjective. It describes a person as being kind and considerate.

By Blinnie
1.Short for china white.
2.Slang term for heroin in its powder form.

"I slang that white all nite."
By Mariel
A word used in Northen Liverpool (UK), with a similar meaning to "west" It is used to describe somebody who has smoked too much cannabis. It can also be used to mean crazy.

That lads gone white

This muisic is west
By Morgana

shit boy, that teach is always on my ass about not having dat white. Pass some over here before i bust a clip in yo ass after skool.
By Kimberlee
The most ridiculous role played by Ben of the main characters in Dodgeball.

There's no resisting white goodman when he puts on his shiny shoes.
By Bibi
all girls from california (specifically orange county and surrounding areas) regardless of skin color. Indian girls are considered to be the most white rather than caucasians.

Cali girls are white af.
By Violante
A filthy race that is non-indigenous that steals lands, and are small minded ignorant things. Majority are decendents of murderist, rapist and theives. Some say this species like having inbread relationships even though there are billions of people they can unfortunately breed with. Unluggggggyyyyy

Oh youre white???? Yuckkkk!”
By Ediva
adjective. to describe someone (typically American) that is lacking culture or good taste as a result of little exposure to ethnic diversity. Contrary to popular belief, this does not necessitate having a lighter skin complexion

"Is that a ham and cheddar sandwich on Wonder Bread? That's so white."

"He is dancing like a white person."

"I'm so white I think mayonnaise is spicy"
By Talya