Define Whoa Meaning

1. To express surprise (interj)

2. To express astonishment(interj)

3. To indicate a desire for one to end that of which they are speaking (interj)

4. Evolved from a song to describe something that you're not quite sure exactly how to describe (adj)

Whoa can also be spelled "woah" though there are many arguments started by bored people about which way is correct.

1. "Whoa! Don't do that, you scared me."

2. "Whoa, that roller coaster is fast."

3. "Whoa, okay, that's enough."

4. "That car is so cool, it's like, whoa."
By Ema
What Keanu Reeves likes to say in most of his movies.

By Krystyna
noise you emmit when you are wasted and watching tv and anything happens.

whoa........did that guy clap and a light turned on??? crazy world.....
By Meaghan
The extent of Keanu Reeves' vocabulary.

By Mira

"I shot a guy with a flair gun"
By Nonie
Said by the character Joey from the failed sitcom Blossom whenever he saw or experienced something unbelievable.

Blossom: Joey, Six has a thing for you.
Joey: Whoa!
By Zahara
a word that is used in the movie Finding Nemo.

"You were like WHOA! and then we were like WHOOOA! and then you were like whooa..."
By Isahella
An alternative adjective used for describing mya’s love towards her “boo”. Evidently she could not bother to look up another adjective in a thesaurus so she could further explain the adjective “whoa”. So from now on all we will all be in be in an unsure state of mind because the word who will forever just be explained as simply “whoa”

By Denny
The greatest trend/dance of 2019

no one:
not a single soul:
not even jesus:
me: 😲 “whoa”

| ✋🏼

✊🏼 |
By Norma
Word invented by participants in the sport of curling. Said when the stone is going blazingly fast or incredibly slow so they have to sweep the hell out of the ice to make it go faster.

Whoa, whoa, sweep! Sweep! Whoa!
By Clemence