Define Whole Meaning

Full, the entire thing. An almost sarcastic or ironic remark. Used to describe something that usually wouldn't be described as "whole", because it's common sense to know that it is. Ex: a whole person, a whole baby, a whole dog, etc. Used for pointless humor that everyone loves, doesn't really make any sense, tbh

If your friend yells at your dog, you gotta get rid of the whole friend, bruh. Like you got no choice. There ain't no redeeming yourself from that.
By Carlye
A girl with a very loose pussy

Heather's is a whole, its like dropping a stick in a well
By Ashlie

By Antonietta
Whore-hole; the bleak, yawning chasm where a heart shouldve been.Typically filled by a father's love in normal fully functional women.

So he came home and found her with some guy from work? Damn, thats one heartless bitch!
-What did you expect? She's always trying to fill that whole in her chest by filling the hole between her legs
By Jasmin
Being complete and not all divided

There is a wholeness you feel in life when you don't cheat at thing's
By Farah
Adjective used in front of a noun to emphasize

By Seline
But Whole

imma but whole you
By Anna
A kilo of cocaine (35.3 ounces).

"17 5 for a whole - get it in man" - Stuntman ft. Shawty Lo - 17 5
By Tiena
when something is strange,and just plain out of it

damn, she can take a whole bottle of uncle jimmiez "WHOLEE"
By Zonnya

He won't apologise because he's a whole with too much pride.
By Annamaria