Define Why Do Meaning

Why Do
Why do is just for saying something, meaningless.
Why + do, doesn't make any sense, so it just to say something.

Josh: Wait. what?
Jack: Why do
By Brunhilda
Why Do Why Heh

Sorting while looking at the boxes confused

Why do?... Why Heh?

Therefore why do why heh
By Blanca
Why Do Why Heh
I am retaded -Alena

I don't know what's happening but why do why heh. -Alena
By Louisette
Why Do I Exist

By Guenevere
Why Do I Live
Because your parents fucked.

Why Do I live
Cuz ur parents fucked jimmy
By Livvie
Why Do I Exist?
It’s a genuine question and someone please answer it.

By Candida
Why Do You Care
A short and quick responce to someone who is getting up in your grill or asking too many questions.

Person A: "Why are you taking your computer and earbuds into the bathroom?"
Person B: "Why do you care?"
By Sherie
Why Do I Try
Because it will all be worth it in the end

Why do I try: because it will all be worth it in the end; just keep pushing
By Maggy
Why Do I Exist?
i have the answer but you have to pay me 99999999999999 v-bucks to get the answer

person 1; "why do i exist?"
person 2; "pay me 99999999999999 v-bucks and i'll tell you."
By Blaire
Why Do You Exist
Possibly the most GTAish insult you can come up with.

annoying person- "hi"
you- "hello"
annoying person- "(starts talking random shit)"
you -"why do you exist?"
annoying person- "..."
By Adan