Define Wits Meaning

What is this shit? Used liberally in the military for staff work that is poor in quality or annoying from another person.

I sent the Captain the report from the IG and he scrawled "WITS" all over the front
By Brinna
The ability to think quickly. Often associated with humor.

He has a great wit, as evidenced by the laughs he got at that party.
By Babs
While straddling your woman's upper thighs, you generously pour talcum powder into the deep into the crack of her ass, extend your arms out and kick head back in a supremely messianic pose. You pause for a few seconds and then begin bringing your hands together, simultaneously smacking the sides of her buttcheeks in triumph, causing a cloud of talcum powder to burst into the air as you arc your arms upward and outward in homage to Lebron James.

Nothing livens up an NBA Playoff Party like a live demonstration of The Witness.
By Stephannie
Be's Wits

I got be's wits from that female last nite
By Dacia


Guy: Man, that guy is so full of wit.
Girl: Yeah, maybe you should take a few pointers.
(Guy stares at girl blankly.)
By Tanitansy
To have smarts/be smart, but usually not in a knowing calculus at the age of 6 smart, but just being aware and making smart choices. Mostly known for "Keep your wits about you." quote from several films,games and media that date back in the days(medieval etc). Meaning just keep your head up and be smart about what you do, be careful.

Malik decided to get piss drunk right before finals and didn't even study, he failed the test the next day, he sure as hell didn't keep his wits about him.

Take this sharp stick, it's all I have to give you before you venture off onto your jourey... but with just a stick, be sure to keep your wits about you, Sir Mark.
By Allyce
A quality that few here possess.

Have you read a witty definition on this site? Ever?
By Jenn
Short for "with". See wit.

I'm wit' you.
By Joelie
Wit It
to be in on it, with it

By Pam
Being a witness to your own life struggles and the struggles of others. Someone who is always struggling and failing in life.

My roommate is always stealing my clothes, what a witness.

Today I was being such a witness, I used a box as a laundry basket!

"Stole toilet paper from work. #witness"
By Tabbie