Define Woah Meaning


a: woah.
b: you got the letters mixed up.
c: yeah, forget sounding shit out.
By Norene
a stupid dance all middle and high schoolers do because they think they’re cool.

“Did you see Jimmy hit the woah?”
By Manya

" That Was .... Woah. "
By Etti
used to express the sudden realization of one's pathetic character and/or behavior

"Woah, I have nothing better to do with my time than to look up the misspelled word 'woah'."
By Cordula
a trendy dance move popular on tiktok. there are many variations of the woah. the creator of the woah is Dejo. the move is usually imagining throwing up something and then catching it.

catch the woah.
let’s do a tiktok *woahs*
woah is woah is good *woah*
By Harri
the cool, acually the COOLEST way to spell WHOA.

"you smell"
*sniffs self*"WOAH"
By Irene
What you say when you see the new look of Urban Dictionary for the first time.



*searches for "Woah" and makes a new definition for it in honor of the new Urban Dictionary look*
By Sarine
normally pronounced "wwwwwwwwoooah" it is said when somebody sees a very attractive man/woman.

Gabe - "Hey Flea check out that hotty!"
Flea - "WOAH!!"
By Jonell
A word used to "Chopse" people, often used in Hereford, England

Woah, nice face you got there!
By Alfy
What you say when you see a mad had girl and you have no clue what to say

woah...just woah like woah your hot
By Pauletta