Define Wow Meaning

a term used for sarcasm or if you don't like someone or something that someone says. or an expression of happiness.

"I hope I never lie to him"
"Wow, really?"

"Oh yea i'm going out with your boyfriend"

By Daniela
the word "wow" can be used when somebody says something stupid, when you realize something you should've known a looong time ago, when you are told something unexpected, when you are insulted very very badly, whenever someone says something pervy and stupid, when you see something amazing, when you are kissed..XD, and just whenever you feel like it. WOW!

aand now for some examples:

"the sky is blue!!" "wow."

"dudee!! ur supposed to write with a pencil!!" "ohh really??" "wow. just wow."

"im pregnant!" "wow."

"you follow your own poopy!!!" "wow."

"eddy sucks gab's dick!" "just wow."

*sees something amazing* "wow."

*kisses* "woow."

By Annabel
The most dangerous word a man can hear in an argument. One that means he has simultaneously lost the argument and his relationship.

Man "So this is all about you? I don't ever remember the last time we did something I wanted to do."
Woman "Wow"
Man "I'll have my stuff out tomorrow"
By Dorothy
An expression of absolute amazement. Often used to verbalize an overwhelming pleasant feeling or realization. Also used to express shock of a seemingly unbelievable fact.

wow acronym for Way Outtathis World

wow did you see that car flip over 3 times
By Ingunna
to say when you cant think of anything else to say.

Person 1: I am actually turning gay.
Person 2: Wow.
By Viola

I can't wait until WOW comes out, d00d!
By Alanna

By Philipa
A word that everyone uses when they don't have anything else to say, and if they are slightly appalled by current events.

Jimmy: I just watched Fight Club for the eighteenth time.
Lucy: Oh wow.
By Jacquelyn
1) an expression of awe.

2) an acronym for a popular online game known as World of Warcraft.

1) WOW!!!! that was intense.

2) by far Leeroy Jenkins is the stupidest person in the history of WoW. but atleast he has chicken.
By Terrye
A game that consumes your life and eventually decays your friendships to the point where a little kid named jordan follows you all over the internet world just so he can be in the same vent channel with you as you play this gay game. See Kaos

A game that's pointless because it is endless and gives you no true accomplishment in life other frustrating when you're screaming furiously in vent, "OMG a NPC just walked up and stole my experience!"

K has connect.

"So kaos is alive"
"No I'm in the middle of a 84 hour WoW marathon. I haven't seen sunlight in 2 and a half days and Jordan is beginning to look attractive. So, what's up?"

K has been kicked.
By Mattie