Define Yell Meaning


Other dude: Omfg! Don't yell! Use your inside voice!
By Venus

Other dude: Omfg! Don't yell! Use your inside voice!
By Yovonnda
A French pop artist widely known for dissing TTC rapper Cuizi in her song "Je Veux Te Voir" and gaining basiclly worldwide recognition. Also collaborated with Fatal Bazooka frontman Michael Youn with the song Parle A Ma Main.

Did you see Yelle in concert?
By Lenora
Crazy ass awesome French Techno band! One of the greatest foreign bands you will ever listen to!

Guy: Did you go see Yelle in concert the other day?
Chick: Yeah! They were so awesome it almost started a friggin RIOT!!!
By Babs

When using a tone over inside voice it is yelling
By Dallas
A response to any person, situation or object that is considered inappropriate or excessive.
This includes literal yelling, but extends to anything that is too loud, bright, or intense.

"How do you like his purple mohawk?"
"Uh, yelling."
By Doralin
A game originated in Ukiah, California by a few student that are enrolled at Ukiah High School,

Gameplay: Yelling is a game that usually requires 2 people but 4 people is highly recommended. At a later hour, past 10:30 at least, go riding in someones car with the windows down, yelling stuff at the weirdos walking the streets, use insults, rude phrases, and throw non-injuring items at people.

Rules: USE put one person at each window and sunroof if one is available. DONT yell anything while your stopped at a red light. DONT try to physically injure people. TALK HELLA SHIT!!!

its 11:09, The yellers see a man walking down the street wearing a bright orange sweater, and has a real long beard, they slow to about 15-20 mph, they soon commence yelling...

yeller, "nice sweatshirt you long bearded fagot!"

guy. "huh, YOU MUTHERFUCKERS!!!"

speed away in car as quick as you finish insult...
By Martica
To scold
Usually includes a severe tone, but not necessarily a high volume.
Usually called yelling if it hurts the receiver's feelings

Dad: Keep your skateboard out of the garage. Every time I'm trying to park, there's your crap in my way
Son: but Dad, I'm going pro 😢
Dad: I won't hear it. You're going to Yale
Son: *runs to his room* DON'T YELL AT ME
By Candice
an abreviation of yellow shoes
not to be used for stillettos or any from of high heels.
just trainersss/pumps/flats.

1. what shoes are you wearing tomorrow?
2. my yells mate.
By Lorrin
A childish threat used by women, particularly when in environments that would cause embarrassment to the guy they are with. Most often used by girls who were only childs or who think of themselves as princesses.

Although it seems like a hollow threat, can be extremely effective. Often, however, leads to unhealthy relationships as the threat begins being used more and more often and for mundane things. Generally used when a girl thinks she has a lot of hand in a relationship.

Date 2 (appropriate use):
Guy: Hey babe, lets go to second base...
Girl: Stop taking my chastity bra off!
Guy: Come on babe, I want to make you queel.
Girl: I'm gonna yell!

Date 6 (mediocre use):
Girl: I want the last avocado bruschetta.
Guy: Let's split it.
Girl: I'm gonna yell.
Guy: Fine, have it.

Date 12 (inappropriate use):
Guy: I got you this flower babe.
Girl: WTF is this ugly ass daisy. I'm gonna yell.
Guy: No please don't! What do you want!? Anything!
By Lanni