Define Yes Meaning

An answer or reply to a statement or question you don't understand, that annoys you, or that you don't care about.

"And then I was like, omg, no way, and she was like, talking about crap and I was like, omg and she was like, yeah and we were like, no way and like, yeah. And then she was like, what and I was like, omg."

"I got the math test bonus question, I think. I divided x by pi and squared the root of 6 and canceled out all those sines over the cosines of 74 and 76, and I got 457 over the hkdslf of ffuuuu. What did you get?"
By Nana
A word said after every sentence for no apparent reason.

By Carma
1) An affirmative answer to a question, the opposite of no.
2) An expletive shouted out during an orgasm.
3) A British progressive rock (or art rock) group known for their hits "Roundabout" and "Owner of a Lonely Heart".
4) A brand of laundry detergent in the US.

1) Yes, I'm horny.
3) Let's listen to Yes.
4) I need to wash clothese, where's the Yes?
By Mala
Yes is an answer that can be given if the question is one of a limited selection or or a number. For instance let's say there are 3-possible choices for an answer to a question. The person responding can say YES and that means all three of them is the correct answer for them.

It can also mean a number. The question could be how many of something should appear or happen. If the answer is YES then it means to use the absolute maximum number possible. Often greater than a possible range the question may try to limit you to.

Buddy: "Karen, I understand you really like milkshakes. So which is your favorite flavor ? Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla ?"

Karen: "Yes !"
By Rheta
The answer to the most annoying question a woman can ask.

Do I look fat?
By Vivien
the word that makes rape sex.

"she said yes and i didn't even have to use force."
By Willamina

"Do you like me?"
"Yes, I do."

"Hey, what's the name of that band you're listening to?"
"...Like I said, what's the name of the band you're listening to?"
"Um, that's not a yes or no--"
"The name of the band is Yes."
By Maye

Is that Yes? Yes, it is.
By Randa

By Aimee

By Holly