Define Yet Meaning

the word "yet" is a word that can change your life!

Boy:do u have a boyfriend?"
Girl:"Not Yet"
By Charleen

Girl 1 - You got a boyfriend?
Girl 2 - No.
Girl 1 - What bout a girlfriend?
Girl 2 - No.. not yet anyway
By Valentina
Not Yet
When someone says this, you know, that it will never happen... ever.

Child: Mom, can I play outside
Mom: Wait, not yet
By Licha
Is It In Yet?
Possibly the worst sentence you can expect to hear from your sexual partner - save from "Surprise! I have AIDS!".

"Ok, is it in yet?"
"Yes but I wish it was in a meat grinder now, just to block out the mental pain."
By Peri
Is It In Yet?
Term used to indicate a small penis size, so small that the woman can not feel it in her vagina.

Man: "Who's your daddy!"
Woman: "Is it in yet?"
By Beverie
A word that describes that something hasn't happened, but will soon happen.

McCall hates the word yet.
By Roshelle
Yay + bet = yet

Friend 1: Jenny doesn’t think I’m cheating w u anymore, so down for tonight?

Side hoe: yet!
By Meaghan
When you were ready to Yeet up until a moment of change or revelation, but now must exclaim nevertheless.

Sid:"I’m down for vino. I was thinking of hitting up Rocco (wine bar?)"

Eliza: "Am at home and too poor for Rocco tonight :(...But I did just buy cheap wine and have my comrades around... ;)"

By Mallorie
redneck word meaning huge perky tits

god damn, troy did you see them yets?
By Celeste
Nickname given to individuals from areas commonly referred to as "the sticks" like Iowa or Kansas. These individuals often use the word yet as a filler word similar to "umm" or "uhh", but in an improper manner which is not related to time or tenses.

Zane and Mark yet are going yet to get pizza yet.
By Aretha