Define Yo Momma Meaning

Yo Momma
The answer to any question, when the correct answer could not be attained at the present time.

"Please tell us who the first president of the USA was?"

"Yo momma"

"Dude, i just got an A+ on my math test"

"Dude, I just got an A+ with yo momma!"
By Joyce
Yo Momma
A general comeback for insults, as well as insulting questions.

Ted: I need to pick up some condoms, dude.
Fred: For who?
Jed: Yeah, dude; who the hell would screw you?
Ted: yo momma
By Kriste
Yo Momma
term overly used about 15000 times daily, yet can be applied to almost any situation and can accually sound witty when used at the right time.

"Bob, where were you last night!?"
"uh.... with yo momma!"

"Bob, what are you doing?"
"yo momma!"
"bob, your lame, hang your head in shame"
By Esmeralda
Yo Momma
A person (who should be a female) who gave birth to you and in theese days is the center of all jokes and is used when the answer to something is very simple (maybe even writen above your head) but you want to include someones mom in some nerds are even offended by them

"Hey whatcha doin"
"yo momma"

nerd: "hi what are yo doing"
bob: "yo momma!"
nerd: hey thats not nice my moms nice and wouln't sleep with you im telling"
By Leese
Yo Momma
Stupid, it the lady that gave birth to you. You should know that, so I don't know why you are looking it up.

"Yo momma soo fat she stepped on the scale and it said, 'one person at time'."
By Herminia
Yo Momma
1)A preteen insult that is used by me and all my friends.

2)the perfect way to get dumped.

Kid 1- "My foot hurts"
kid 2- "yo MOMMAs foot hurts!"
Kid 1- *mutters* "fag*
Girl after date- Can we split the bill?
Obnoxious Guy- We can split yo MOMMAs bill!
Girl- Dude...
Obnoxious Guy- Yo MOMMAs Dude! *laughs like a fucktard
Girl- Bye
Obnoxious Guy- Yo MOMMAs Bi!
By Gisela
Yo Momma
A new show on MTV, hosted by Wilmer Valderama, that has people tell "Yo Momma" jokes back and fourth, and the winner in the end gets 1000 dollars in "Cash mahneyy".

Yo momma so stupid, she thought Grape Nuts was an STD.

Very obvious "Jesus Saves" sign in the background.

This show wont last long, they'll eventually run out of jokes.
By Golda
Yo Momma
A retort that was mildly amusing back in 1994 the first 2 times you heard it. Most people hoped that it would have died out like cowabunga or tubular, but alas, it hasn't.

1994 just called, it wants it's yo momma jokes back.
By Ericka
Yo Momma
These days it is most oftenly used as an answer to a stupid question or when someone asks what someone or something unsightly is.

"Hey, what is that dirty thing down there?"
"That's yo momma."
By Meghan
Yo Momma
Use it as an awnser for fucked up questions.

- Who was that?

- Yo momma!
By Adoree