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You Are
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"YOU ARE" - © MicrophoneJoe 2003.

The best comeback to anything, ever.

"You're so gay"
"You Are"
By Antonie
You Are
A retort to any form of criticism, the lowest in the chain of retaliation.

See also: no you, veined

By Loraine
You Are
A phrase said to someone whom you don't really like or wish to irritate.

It MUST be said after everything they say.

Person 1 - "You're an effort you"
Person 2 - "You are"
Person 1 - "Stop bipping yourself"
Person 2 - "You are"
Person 1 - "I'm bipping myself?"
Person 2 - "You are"
By Merrile
You Are
How to answer to something you don't care about.

Person 1: God, this homework is so hard!

Person 2: You're so hard.
By Fern
You And You
nobody never knows you that way

sitting on heirlooms from far away
a dress that was sewn for motherly lives
moths have now eaten its pearly waste
nobody never knows you that way

falling in love is like falling in line
you think what you get back will ease the pain
a strange deal, unspoken, faces entwined
nobody never knows you that way

theres blood and monsters you've taught to hide
and if you behave they wont reappear
yearning for a fleshy way to speak
nobody never knows you that way

the moons and the suns have multiplied
you hear my plea "i'm safe now, i can"
so what keeps you from proving me wrong
"nobody never knows you that way"

You inspire me and always have.
I and I love you and you.
By Lucinda
You You
Dublin method of adding a rogue 'you' at the end of an insult or statement, derives from Irish (Gaelic) method of putting second person singular after a verb. can be used with any insult but sounds funniest with ones which already end with 'you'. The second 'you' is usually drawn out a little longer.

"Shut up you you"
"Fuck you you"
By Petunia
This You?
A rhetorical question asked, usually on social media, to embarrass them with any online content from their past if they ever contradict themselves or have a very unpopular opinion.

Jake: You’ll never catch me begging a girl to talk to me cause she belongs to the streets!

Ashley: This you? *shows screenshots of Jake proving otherwise*
By Dayna

By Jenilee

Only YOU can prevent wildfires.

-Smokey Bear
By Pegeen
No You
the bestest comeback ever. if you're getting roasted, you can just say " no you" and you automatically win.

friend: ur mom got the big gay
you: no you
friend: *dies*
By Ursa