Define You Enjoy Meaning

You Enjoy
An expression used in the same context and with the same meaning as 'have fun'. Used mostly in the U.S., often misunderstood by foreigners.

Hey, going to take a shower, brb.
You enjoy.
By Arlee
You Enjoy Myself
great song by Phish.

Halfway through the song are the only clearly comprehensible lyrics in the song: "Boy! … Man! … God! … Shit!," followed by a line whose meaning has perpetually been subject to discussion until it was settled by an issue of Guitar World. After many interpretations including, "Wash your feet then drive me into a frenzy", it was revealed to be "wash uffize drive me to firenze" in a Guitar World issue that included the tablature for the song.
One possible explanation for this line is that "Uffizi" is a pun on an Italian-accented pronunciation of the words "your feet." Uffizi is a museum the pair visited in Firenze, or Florence, Italy. At a spring near Uffizi, it is reported that they washed their feet. One theory is that the quoted Italian hailed from this area — in which case the meaning of the song as a whole becomes clearer.

Wash uffizi and drive me to firenze -you enjoy myself-Phish
By Libbi
You Enjoy Myself
Putyourfaceindriveintovelensa...or something like that

you enjoy myself is a super dope phish song
By Shantee