Define You Smell Meaning

You smell that means anything for jokes like or anything that smells funny

Aye bro? YOU SMELL THAT?! - Make sure to have a funny tone while saying it loud
By Marisa
You Smell
An endearment term for one's sister, brother, or friend. Or when someone has a horrible odor.

Eww, did you come from gym class? You smell.

Hey, sis. You smell.
By Vivyanne
You Smell Me
1. a form of asking if the other person knows wat your trying to say,

yo if you cap that bitch you gunna get locked up, you smell me?
By Fancy
Can You Smell That?
When someone is talking bullshit, another people listening may interrupt saying, "Can you smell that?", referring to the imaginary smell of bullshit coming from the original speaker.

Person 1: I pulled this stunning girl at the weekend
Person 2: Can you smell that?
By Sonnie
You Smell Like Outside
That stank that you sometimes pickup when you're outside. Depends on where you are, but the funk exists, and you smell like it.

Dad: Ryan you smell like outside! Take a damn shower.
Ryan: Awww man!
By Abagail
You Smell Like Outside
The awkward smell to a person who has been inside that resignates from the person that has been outside.

BOB: Ew, you smell like outside.
JOE: I was just in the backyard doing stuff
By Chickie
You Smell Like Cheese

person1: Hey your gay.
person2: yeh but richard you smell like cheese.
By Tamqrah
You Smell Like Purple!
a phrase used to describe someone who's scent is similar to that of the colour Purple

Dude1: Dude you smell like purple!
By Melesa
Do You Smell Bacon?
A phrase similar to "I smell bacon" indicating that a law enforcement officer may be in the vicinity. See Bacon

Usually asked to your partner(s) in less than legal deeds when you think the cops may be afoot but are not completely sure or don't see them. Can also be used to bring up the suspicion that somebody may be a cop to said friend.

Can also be used as a phrase to alert homies and ask them to look around for police activity in the area.

May have originated from the movie "Wayne's World" when character Wayne Campbell asks Garth if he smells bacon in front of a police officer outside a diner.

*black Crown Victoria rolls down street*
Stoner 1: "Do you smell bacon?"
Stoner 2: "Yea man, put that shit out."
*hides joint as cop turns around*
By Saundra
You Smell Like Cheese
To reek of failure and annoyance, used as a comedic way to tell someone that they disappointed you or another.

To tell another person that you are better than them.

By Carie