Define You Want Some Meaning

You Want Some
Get some as it would be issued by the opposite party.

Female: You want some (pussy)?

Guy who wants to fight you: You want some(of my fist)? Pussy...
By Estella
You Want Some
When you are threatening someone to fight (often used by people with cockney accents)

Bill: I'll beat you up if u don't shut up
Bon: you what mate? You want some, I'll give it yer
By Darya
Do You Want Some Interest?
a nonsense phrase coined by some dumb Koreans, which actually means 'do you crave for attention that much?' ,or 'are you an attention seeker?' , as the Korean word 'gwans(h)im' means both 'interest' and 'attention'. if you see someone say so(especially could be often seen in online games chat such as Overwatch), i could 100% assure you that he's Korean. you'd better take him down starting off by 'work more on your English, you dip shit.'

angry korean game nerd:병신 시발 die die die fuck do you want some interest?
others: what does that even mean?
By Ninon
You Want Some Fries

Kevin - " I'm mad at you you"
Kayla - " you want some fries with that salt"
By Cristen