Define Your Butt Meaning

Your Butt
1)The biggest ass in the universe, It has it's own island. ( see also, Nicole MacAvoy)

2)Used as a comeback in an argument.
( also see, your mom)

Your butt is really ugly.


Your butt is really big
By Katina
Shut Your Butt
A MacGruber Classic: A soon-to-be infamous snarky comeback

By Christye
How's Your Butt?
What I ask my dog because he shits all the time. Plus, I want him to consider the condition of his anus, especially when we go out because another dog might sniff it.

Me: Hey, Jack, how's your butt?
Jack: I'm hungry.
By Randi
Put It In Your Butt
any term used to describe a question that can not be answered specifically with a specific answer so shall speak and say, "put it in your butt."

Mel: "So, when are we leaving."
Fro: (walking through room) randomly answers "Put it in your butt."
By Martita
Put It In Your Butt
a sign of disregard to the actual events of a conversation.

someone ask you a question or makes a comment promting a responce, however you really dont care what they want. so you say "put it in your butt"
By Verna
Boner In Your Butt
greeting/acknowledgement used by members and associates of the 21st street coop.

when you see a motherfucker outside of the house, it is customary to greet them by shouting "boner in your butt!" at them as loud as you can.

this is done best from a moving car or where there are large crowds of people around (at the intersection of guadalupe and 21st for example.)

"Boner in your butt, Dave!"

"Boner in your butt, Brett!"

"Boner in your butt, Officer"
By Lanni
Shit Your Butt
When you poop your pants but catch it in your but checks , saving your draws from the shit

dude i was so sick last night

Did you shit your butt?
By Elizabet
Police Your Butt
To properly dispose of a cigarette butt. A take on 'Police your brass' which means to pick up the spent shell casings ejected from your firearm. Policed butts are disposed of by placing them in an ashtray or flushing them down the toilet as opposed to throwing them out your car's window or tossing it haphazardly on the sidewalk.

Hey man, you should police your butt.
By Shauna
Pee In Your Butt
something sexual, david says to pam to turn her on

david -hey babe can i pee in your butt? pam- maybe later if your good!!!!!!

pee in your butt
By Jerrie
Up Your Butt
Another way of saying screw you, fuck you, etc.

Can also be used as, "Up your ass."

Guy #1: Your girlfriend is ugly as butt.
Guy #2: Up your butt, man.
By Billye