Define Your Forehead Meaning

Balls On Your Forehead
1) When a negative aspect happens in ones life
2) sucks for you.

By Roanna
Place Your Forehead
A phrase instructing the subject to rest his/her forehead on a specified object (such as a table) so that the subject is bent over and easily accessible for doggy-style sexual intercourse.

This phrase is used while slapping the object that the forehead should be placed on with your fingertips, similar to the way the phrase "knock on wood" requires knocking a table.

So you want a good grade on this test, Nancy? *taps the desk* Time to place your forehead.
By Gilligan
Nuts On Your Forehead
when you're walking down the hall and a boy comes up to you looking for a good time. and he goes "hey, what would you do if i just put my nuts on your forehead?" and you say "then i'd put MY nuts on YOUR forehead" is accepting invitation to go smoke some pot while listening to peters techno...
this only works if you're a girl.

"hey les, what would you do if i put my nuts on your forehead?"-the bockelman
"i'd have your nuts on my forehead?"- les

"hey katie, what would you do if i put my nuts on your forehead?" -the bockelman
"i'd cry"- Zanin
By Sherrie
Balls On Your Forehead
A friendly farewell amongst headbangers, similar to "have a great day" or "Live long and prosper".

It stems from the concept that if a male were to "bang" (i.e. have sexual intercourse with) someone's head, their balls would be on the person's forehead.

Instead of goodbye to your headbanger friend, say, "Balls on your forehead!"
By Carmina
Go Hoop Your Forehead
jail term, to hoop is to smuggle drugs or parphenelia into a jail. hoop your forehead is to suggest you smuggle your own head up your ass.

go fuck your hat, go hoop your forehead....hahaha
By Jo Ann
Vaseline On Your Forehead
When someone doesn't understand a joke, misses a joke or appears to laugh too long after a joke has been made.

"Looks like you have vaseline on your forehead again today!"
By Nanci
Your Forehead
The longest thing in the whole Entire planet

Person 1: bro nothing is longer than my pp
person 2: what about your forehead
person 1: dies of ligma
By Maurita