Define Your Friends Meaning

Your Friends
What urban dictionary keeps telling me to define. Happy now?

By Jennica
Your Friends
oh wait, you dont have friends

me: where r ur friends?
u: idk
me: do u have friends?
u: no
me: that shucks that your friends arent real
By Dorothea
Is Your Friend
A commonly used phrase on social networking sites and forums, meaning "use said page", in either an aggressive or kind act dependent on the preconception.

"WTF does YOLO mean?"

"Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) - Urban dictionary is your friend"
By Barbara-Anne
Your Friends

By Janey
Sip Your Friends
when you let a friend take a sap of your drank, he'll tell you to sip your friends as in to sip up the leftover liquid sitting in the rim of the can.

ryab: hey MALF u want a sip of my mountain dew?
MALF: sure but sip your friends first
By Toinette
Google Is Your Friend
A phrase said when someone asks you to explain something that:
A) They should know.
B) is not worth your time to explain.
C) is to long to explain.
D) you don't know.

A: What is an internet?
B: Google is your friend

A: What's D.I.B. mean?
B: Google is your friend

A: What is encompassed in Von-Steinberg's theories of eminent physiology?
B: Google is your friend
By Kathi
Wikipedia Is Your Friend
A way to admonish a person who derails an Internet conversation by demanding the definition for commonly used words or phrases instead of taking a minute or two to simply look it up on Wikipedia.

"Last night I was playing WoW with some friends and these two Undead Rogues came out of nowhere and ganked me."
"What the hell is WoW and what is ganking?"
"WoW = World of Warcraft, ganking = player killing. Wikipedia is your friend, dude."
By Charlotte
Get Your Friend
when you have a friend that is acting ridiculous in public, someone is likely to tell you to get your friend. or, if someone says something off the wall, you respond with 'get your friend.'

The karaoke guy came over to me and goes, 'get your friend,' she's out of control.
By Blanca
Kiss Your Friend
You have to kiss your friend and tell them why you love them later

Kiss your friend and tell them why later.
By Rosamond
Define Your Friends

Urbandictionary: define your friends, teachers, hated forum members, disliked moderators, bigot views on christianity, bigot views on France, incoherant messages about your boyfriend, private jokes and other shiznit.
By Prudi