Define Your In Meaning

Your In
When someone has fully accepted you as their significan other. "Your in" basically means yall are compatible.

When Stacy said she loved "The Red Hot Chilli Peppers" Don said ,"your in."
By Dido
1. The posessive form of the word "you."

Commonly confused in usage with the word "you're," which is a contraction of the words "you are."

If you misuse the word "your," everyone will know that you're a fucking fucktard.
By Aurore
If you're not going to write it properly and you're not going to get a dictionary and you're not going to bother learning how to spell and you're too lazy to care, then write it "YOU ARE"!

Your is not a contraction of you are, just as there or their is not a contraction of they are.
By Roslyn
The possessive form of you. Not to be confused with "you're", which is a contraction of you and are, meaning "you are."

I have your book.

Alice: Your dumb.
Bob: My dumb what?
Alice: *brain temporarily stops functioning*
By Lida

Utilized by retards that can't spell properly.

Good: Your typing skills are epic!

Bad: You're typing skills are epic!

Other definition:

XxCODIZEPIKxX: omfg your a noob
By Cymbre
First grade chimpanzee for "You're"

1> Your an moron.
2> Shut the fuck up you fucking fucktard.
1> Dar?
By Orel
1) used interchangeably to mean either "your" or "you're" by illiterate cretins who can't tell the difference between the two
2) used to mean "you're" by people too lazy to hit the apostrophe key; slightly less reprehensible than the above

1) "youre such a stupid youre stupid falls out of youre stupid." "Ah, the irony."
2) "youre still here right?" "Yes, my apathy-stricken acquaintance."
By Doll
How idiots try to spell you're.

Me: Thanks.
Bob: Your welcome.
Me: My what?
Bob: Your welcome.
Me: Idiot.
By Ketty
The possesive form of "you". To idiots, it is a contraction of "you are", which makes absolutely no sense to people with a brain.

Me: All your base...
SmarterChild: All I'm base? Tell me more.
By Viva
Definitely not "you're".

Fool incognito - "Your good."
Literate person - "Fuck you."
By Jobie