Define Yummy Meaning

referring to something (or someone) deeeelicious and tasty. :D

mmm. look at those yummy abs. :
By Shandie

He is so damn yummy.
By Maighdiln

Gorgeous woman, very often found in the presence of a fuckwit.

When not accompanied by a fuckwit, yummies tend to flock together in bars, clubs or on beaches.

The collective noun for a group of yummies is a moist.

Jussus man, those yummies are dancing so close they're nearly clamjousting !
By Christen
1 Something that looks, smells, or tastes delicious.

2 Someone who is sexy, hot, easy on the eyes.

1 I walked into the room and sniffed the yummy smell that came from the oven.

2 "God, Spencer is so yummy, I could just eat him all up... I want him, but that bitch Lucy has him! Grrr!"
By Audie
a very hot guy/girl that you would fuck

"you are soooo yummy"
By Bobbette
something so deliciously sexy you just want to lick it & love it

He was so yummy in that tight shirt I couldn't help myself.
By Kalli

yummy is a sexy slang for fat ugly
By Nikki

"OMG he is so f*cking yummy
By Christabel
hearing this word from me would be one of the highest compliments you can receive. this words usage is meant to be understood as a seductive adjective towards a person who is almost always of the male species.

1. nah he's not yummy.'re yummy.
3. he's yummy.
4. he looks yummy, I want him.
5. you look yummy.
By Shoshana
the state of being excessivly attractive causing a girl to drool and possibly pass out

Edward's abs were so yummy, I couldn't resist the urge to reach out and pet them.
By Alverta