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Dublin is a suburban of Ohio in which the rich and affluent live. The city is known for its green golf courses and also being the home of the famous Notre Dame quarter back Brady Quinn. However, many people that live in the surrounding cities tend to hate on Dublin since they lack the money to build decent schools or attract large corporations. This is also the leading cause for Dublin to have the best looking MILF and chicks.

Billy: "Man I hate you cause your from Dublin. That means that your car is better than mine and your pockets are so deep that I could suffocate in them."
Pete: "Damn straight! You better watch out or I'll crush you with my wallet!"
By Camella
Although the capital city of Ireland; most of it's D4, Blackrock, Castleknock inhabitants and Trinity Alumini wish that it was part of Britain and like to think that they are superior to those that are from "the sticks" (i.e. anywhere that's not D4 and Castleknock).

By Cheryl
The best suburb of columbus. the home of dublin high school (now called dublin coffman) where the students get F'd as N's and drive 270 laughing at all the surrounding communities that arent dublin. it's basically just like the high school in the movie Dazed and Confused but even more lawless (Cosmos = The Emporium). Cosmo magazine voted it "best annorexic chicks in the midwest" Basically its the only city in central ohio where a man can get a decent hard-on.

im from dublin and ive banged more chicks than the whole city of upper arlington combined
By Manon
The Dubliners
An Irish folk band formed in 1962. Their members are Barney McKenna, John Sheahan, Sean Cannon, Eamonn Campbell, andPatsy Watchorn. Ronnie Drew was the founder of The Dubliners, but passed away in August of 2008. The Dubliners are known for their traditional Irish music usually performed in an Irish setting. They are one of the best known Irish folk bands around. Do not confuse The Dubliners for The Pogues, another Irish band led by the incredible drinker, Shane MacGowan.

guy 1: "Hey, did you hear The Dubliners perform live on Vicar Street?"
guy 2: "No, why?"
guy 1: "Here's some tickets, go see them. They are Fantastic!"
By Leisha
1) The capital city of the republic of Ireland.
2) One of the counties of Ireland.

They are from Dublin.
By Meta
A collection of short stories about the author's, James Joyce, home city.

Dubliners is required reading in Irish Studies.
By Juditha
A specific breed of Irish person that vary from place to place.
Are incredibly defensive of Dublin, (for obvious reasons, everyone seems to dislike Dubliners?) Even though most can be 'dead sound' or 'a legend'

In the northside, typically, you are more likely to come across the tracksuit, 45 degree caps, runners types "Here yooou! Giz a fookin fag or sometin!"
And the southside, 80% of the time you are more likely to find, the preppy 5 stone guys and girls, that daddy buys everything for, the 'I just fucked this up' hairstyle that took 4 hours, rudgy, ponies, cars, OMG!

But it is not uncommon to find posh places in the northside and skanger places in the southside, Ballybrack + Shankill for example. These poor people have to live with the stigma of technically living in the southside, EVEN THOUGH daddy cant buy them a break my windows (BMW)

#1: Like OMG hi! A Dubliner! Roish where abouts are you from

#:2 Eh, the southside (wtf is wrong with yer hair? Were you dragged backwards through a bush?)

#1: OMG!!!! Loike me too!! How many ponies and BMW's do you have???

#2: None? My dad cant afford to buy me a pony right now? I have a nice little Toyota though?

#1: a Toyota?......loike, what is wrong with you? Thats what people in the third world drive? Omg! Where did you say you were from again?

#2: Shankill, why?

#1:........oh? Ew, I cant be seen talking to you!!

#2:........*headbutts in face* damn D4's
By Sonya
the Capitol city of Ireland.
located on the east coast, Dublin was originally a viking, then Anglo-Saxon port, because places like Dun-Laoghaire make ideal natural ports. the name comes from the Gaelic 'dubh linn' meaning black lake.

Dublin is home to almost half the 4.8 million people living in Ireland.

Dublin is traditionally divided into the more affluent south, and less affluent north sides by the liffy river.

notes for visitors:

Temple bar, in the middle of Dublin city has the best night life.

Defontain's in temple bar( on the right as you exit the allyway through the central bank) has the best pizza you will ever eat.

Traditional Irish food is just potatoes...don't bother.

Try the pubs, but they're not all good... choose carefully.

there are no leprechauns in Ireland. If you ask about them you're liable to quickly end a conversation.

The countryside, like with many countries, is nice to look at, but none too interesting.

Ireland is expensive, by any countries standards. notably, Alcohol, clothes, and taxis are well above average.

good craic is not an illigal substance, it's slang for fun.

Dublin is the capitol of Ireland

By Daloris
A large preppy upper class suburb northwest of Columbus,Ohio. Dublin is home to many corporations such as Nationwide and Wendy's. It is also known for its milf's and the hottest girls in central Ohio. Dublin is a suburban paradise for white collar highly educated professionals with its clean, safe, and community oriented atmosphere. With great schools and plenty to do Dublin is a very appealing place to live.

Carly: OMGz I'm like soo bored want to go to the mall?
Ashlee: Yeah lets go to Tuttle Crossing.
Carly: Nah let's go to Polaris because us being from Dublin will be hotter than every girl there!
Ashlee: Oh yeah thats sooo true!!
By Larine
excuse me gerry80???

A person from Dublin (in Ireland) no difference between north or souhsiders because you can't judge people from where they live!
(not everyone in dublin are "wankers"!!)

i live in dublin therefore i'm a dubliner..
By Madelina