Define Horse Jockey Meaning

Horse Jockey
A short and small blond girl, weighing like 80 pounds. They get drunk all the time and can't remember the next morning. Most are named Bridget

Omg, look at that horse jockey, she can play flip cup like it's her job, that's she's eye level to the table.
By Kristi
Horse Jockey's Boot
1)Dilapidated, engorged membranous tissue forming the external covering or integument of a vagina.

2)Reflects a pliable pelt-like substance adhering to a womans loins.

1)Rumor had spread that Maria's horse jockey's boot was the largest external appendage in the Benton County Area on a female whore.

2) In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the horse jockey's boot sleeps tonight...
By Alanah
Dead Horse Jockey
A person who continues, at length to continue on a topic that has exhausted its usefulness to the rest of the crowd, to expound and explore the dead topic.

Someone who, despite being told the topic is a "dead horse" continues to converse on that topic.

I can't believe Tim is still arguing about toothpaste with Bob, Bob agreed with him 20 minutes ago! What a dead horse Jockey.
By Lonee