Define Relm Meaning

High on fashion, living life to the fullest everyday! Always a trend setter, blazing the trails for others to follow. Will never bow down, only look ahead to her next conquest. Too busy to be bothered by petty inconveniences such as physics and politics... She is in a world of her own and draws others into it creating a reality of her choosing. Nothing is too difficult, just too boring. A free spirit who transcends simple things such as gravity.

By Madlin
Relm Of Shimlar
Also known as Relm The Bubbly. In the world of Shimlar, she is one of several who take enjoyment from streaking, stealing others clothing, and causing general chaos. She is usually relatively cheerful, and very unpredictable. Her sense of style is... unique.

Relm says: Aaaaah!! I love you! *thwaps with an exploding penguin*

Relm falls into shimlar in her usual outfit of smiley face boxers, matching bra, trenchcoat, big flashy hat, and pink high heels.
By Norene