Define The Massive Meaning

The Massive
From Invader ZIM. The Massive truly lives up to its name with its gargantuan size. It is the Tallest's personal ship. Designed by Vortian engineers for Tallest Miyuki, The Massive is a bludgeon class vehicle that is the heart of the Irken Armada. The fuel pods contain Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple's snack supplies. Captain Lard Nar lent a hand in the initial designs of the ship, while the Vortian who became Prisoner 777 finalized it.

Dib dreamt of ripping open The Massive and spilling its snacks into space.
By Con
Bigger than a crew, this is the collective noun for a large gang, which usually has a large amount of 'turf' to cover.

Da East Sutton Massiv is da best.
By Bernadine
One of the worst insults one can possibly called another. However, conversely can be used in a endearing way amounts only the closest of friends and communities

That guy is such a massive, he's not worth it
By Annora
People, group, collective. Jamaican origin.

All de massive dem love reggae music.
By Miquela
A term originating in the early nineties to indicate something that is beyond massive in size.

1. That has got to be the most massivious woman I've ever seen -- look at those cankles!
By Alicea
The people, the crew, lovers of jungle/ drum & bass

By Calli
Term used to describe a type of party, show, or Rave where thousands of Ravers, Junglist, Club Kids, and Kandy Kids would flock to from miles away to attend. Most Massives feature world renown artist or D.J.s, held in large event centers, and are known about many months in advance. Most commonly pre-sale tickets have to be bought due to these events usually selling out.

"Dude, did you go to that sick Massive last week?"
"Yeah, I went broke going to Nocturnal Wonderland, but Dieselboy was hella worth it!"
By Sonnie
Massive - Really good.Something or someone who merits praise.

That party was f**kin Massive.
She's Massive,I'd love to....
By Noelle
Noun that refers to an imposing amount of mass. Can be used to comment on someone's intimidating or weak physic. Most commonly used for motivational purposes to boost a bros confidence before or after a GTL (gym, tan, laundry) session.

Yo Peter has been hitting the gym hard lately, check out his massiveness.

Yo bro, where's your massiveness?

C'mon man, don't just sit there. You're going to lose all your massiveness.
By Kelli
The act of becoming massive. To grow immensely.

That girl just massivate(d)! She must be a superhero!
By Torie