Define Based On Meaning

Based On
v. 1. talked wreckless to. 2. spoken to disrespectfully. 3. talked down to. (see "greasy")

Dude got based on by his girl. Told him he was a bum ass nigga and he just sat there blinking and shit, doing nothing.
By Cami
A word used when you agree with something; or when you want to recognize someone for being themselves, i.e. courageous and unique or not caring what others think. Especially common in online political slang.

The opposite of cringe, some times the opposite of biased.

The latter usage is the original use as coined by rapper Lil B, and the word originally took off on the meta-ironic website 4Chan with the latter meaning. For that reason the word is largely used meta-ironically (without context you can't tell if it's being used ironically or sincerely as it's used in both ways) and was popularized in online political slang of conservatives and the political right before being adopted into mainstream online political slang (likely through shitposting websites or subreddits such as r/politicalcompass memes that are similar to 4chan in their meta-irony and "edginess" but contain a wider variety of political beliefs) and eventually adopted into general online vernacular.

When used in online political language it can mean "based in fact" or the opposite of biased due to the number of people who saw it being first used seriously by the online political right and came to the conclusion that is was related to the phrase "destroyed with facts and logic" in reference to right wing personality Ben Shapiro.

Example 1: meta-ironic

Shitposter: Posts gif of funny monkey Return to monke
Commentor: Based

Example 2: meta-ironic
4chan Anon 1: I'm going to commit hate crimes
4chan Anon 2: Based

Example 3: Politics
Leftist 1: There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.
Leftist 2: Based.
By Glory

Lucky: Have you been basing?
Angel: I haven't been doing shit!

- Poetic Justice
By Melanie

the 8 ball jacket slap is still the most based thing on the internet
By Constancia
baseball as a sexual metaphor

Going up to bat: Attempting
Bullpen: Foreplay
1st base: French kissing
2nd base: Above the waist
3rd base: Below the waist
Home Run: Sex
Grand Slam: Four times in twelve hours
Foul Ball: Ass sex
Strike out: Not getting it up
Line Drive: One night stand
10 Run Rule: Finishing on your own
Pop fly: Stealing virginity
Bunt: Pre-mature ejaculation
Gapper: Easy lay
Bases loaded: Threesome
Third base coach: The person who's filmming
Stealing bases: Rape (rape is bad)
Double/Triple play: Multiple Orgasms
Cup: condom
Steroids: Birth control
Error: No Orgasm
Broken Bat: Broken dick
Extra Innings: Four times in a row
Bench Warmer: Peeping Tom
Bat boy: Fluffer
Field: Heartshaped bed
Dugout: Back seat of a car

Bases: Self-Explainitory
By Sayre

By Imelda
Is when you dont care what people think
its a way of life
Doing what you want
how u want
wearing what u want

the LV book bag looks gay on you
idc im based
By Delila
To be yourself regardless if you or your beliefs are or are not the most popular.

Steve: Man, even though I’m getting ratio’d on twitter, and I’m getting cancelled, I still ain’t gonna apologize to these snowflakes.

Jake: Based. Very, very based.
By Marlane
First base: making out (french kissing)
Second base: feeling up under or over clothes
Third base: hand jobs and fingering
(3.5: oral sex)
Home run: sex, (including anal)

BOB: We got to 3.5 last night

Bill: 3.5, there is no base called 3.5, are you retarded

BOB: you're just mad cause you're never gonna get there
By Anastassia
The Bases
1st base: making out (tongue, grinding, etc.)
2nd base: touching (boobs, fingering, handjob, etc.)
3rd base: oral (eating out, blowjob
home run: sex

Chad: I spent the night with Jenna on Friday
Josh: Oh yeah? How'd it go?
Chad: I only got to 2nd base
Josh: Sorry bro
Chad: How did things go with Harper this weekend?
Josh: We got to a home run
Chad: Lucky! I really gotta cover more of the bases
By Isa