Define Slap Meaning


By Danila
To have a very loud, good quality sound system esp. in your car. Or a song that just sounds hella good and has tremendous bass in it. I have to set the record str8 once again. We started this in the Town, Oakland, Ca, USA. When everybody else was still callin it "Knock" or "Thump" We in Oakland started calling it "Slap". The rest of the Bay Area eventually caught on to it. Str8 Up!

I had a scraper on 22's wit hella slap in it.
By Riannon

sarah: hey, rachel, let's meet at flat top tonight at 7.
rachel: slap. i'll see you there!
By Darlene
a group of *BASS* lovers, a fellow followers of Davie504, they slap the bass, like button, even coming to your house to slap your *BASS*

i will buy you a *BASS* so that i can come to your house and SLAP your *BASS*
By Meg
When a person's hand uses force against another person's body.

Chad bent Kiersten over on the bed stuck his penis in her pussy and slapped her nice firm ass as he fucked the shit out of her!
By Beth
1. An individual underqualified or incompetent in performing a task, especially with regard to engineering.

2. One who fraudlently professes knowledge of a subject despite a total lack of understanding.

3. Inexperienced with or incapable of social interaction.

1. Given even the simplest task - drilling a hole in a plate of aluminum - the slap managed to ruin both the drill bit and the plate.

2. Didn't you overhear him the other day? That slap was telling the new students that it's impossible for steel to fatigue, even though the sample had a textbook fatigue failure. Didn't that guy fail Material Science?

3. The slap's attempts to communicate with his neighbors were awkward and ineffective.
By Isabelita
Slap or SLAP is an acronym for sounds like a plan. This is a way of expressing one's desire and confirmation to doing something. This acronym is incredibly useful as it can also be expressed simply by slaping someone five!

Maeve: Hey Daniel can you please keep me amused with your bad but hilarious jokes for the rest of my life?
Daniel: SLAP!
By Tressa
an acronym for "sounds like a plan".
unrelated to the action of slapping someone; can be distinguished based on context.

A: So, I'll meet you tomorrow at 8:00?
B: Slap!
By Holli

By Priscilla
A lazy person on the job site.

By Goldy