Define Dom Meaning

A midget with a mullet, who plays in an emo band but believes that he or she is hardcore.

Ex. That guy from my unsaid everything is such a dom.

Ex. What a fag, that dom couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag.
By Johnath
the guy that scabs of you and asks for money, always lives in a bin bag and probably wears adidas sliders that has 4 stripes. Everything he owns is stolen and is too fat to exercise. dorito-looking tits , can't even lift a packet of tissues. is shit at everything and no one likes him. Probably lives in a caravan. is probably adopted in a black family even though he's white.

man that guy is such a dom today
yeah i don't like a dom anyway
By Rosabel
1. Short for dominate or domination.
2. Have Sexual Intercourse with.

1. I'm going to dom you tonight in our basketball game.
2. I brought that girl into my hotel room and dommed her.
By Olly
Short for Dom Perignon, one of the finer wines in life.

By Abigale
A noise made when drinking. The drinking equivalent of 'om nom nom'.

By Lucretia
a dominant homosexual female mostly used in the African American community on the east coast;
the more masculine female is assumed to be the dom but that is not always the case because there are feminine females that are "dominant" also

Since I wear the pants in the relationship people assume I'm the dom but she is the one that really runs the show.
By Masha
to dominate. mostly an abbreviation, but dom is a more intense and colloquial form of dominate.

Dude did you see Slumdog Millionaire at the Academy Awards? 8 Oscars. It totally domd.
By Pauline
To dominate, own, pwn. Originated in Redding, CT.

"We totally dommed the other team last night!"
By Lethia
Acronym for "Dates over mates." Used to describe a bloke who's neglecting his weekly social gatherings for outings with beautiful women.

"Hey have you seen Andy lately?"
"Nah, he's gone dom."
"Damn shame!"
By Bella
Dom Dom
Dom Dom is a word to call someone who puts peanut butter on their dick to get it licked off by an animal (usually a dog but can be another animal likes cats)

Charlie: Dude that guy is a Dom Dom
Madison: I know what a freak
By Laurice