Define Get Paid Meaning

Get Paid
An urban neologism referring to obtaining cash through other than commonly respectable means; such as by pawning items, selling stolen items, or illegal activity. Generally not in reference to gainful employment.

Punko 1: Yo, i jacked this car stero from a Hundai last night.

Punko 2: Straigt up! Watcha gon do wit it?

Punko 1: Watcha think? I'm gonna to pawn it and get paid.
By Micheline
Get Paid
A euphemism for get laid; useful when in hearing distance of polite company.

Oh man, it has been like a week since I got paid.
By Janessa
Getting Paid
The term expresses an exceptionally good performance by someone

The term is used in such a way that if the person (who the term is being directed to) actually is getting paid for whatever s/he is doing, then merely saying the term (and technically expressing the obvious) actually means to express that that person is going above and beyond the job requirements and should be getting paid a lot (maybe more than s/he is getting paid).

If money is not already involved then it just expresses that the person is doing such a good job that it's like s/he is getting paid and still going above and beyond the requirements.

Example 1:

(Childris works as a cashier in a grocery store making an hourly wage of 7.50$)

Childris: Hey, did you see me yesterday? I scanned through 227 items and had all of them bagged within 5 minutes

Fellow Cashier: Hell yeah I did, you were getting paid!

Example 2:

Person 1: I've been training to play basketball all summer, so I challeneged my younger brother 1 on 1 and he beat me 15 to 2

Person 2: Wow, your brother is gettin' paid!
By Gabi
Get Paid
A motivating term used by gym-aholics while lifting weights.

Adrian: One more set, come on bro get paid!
By Ivie
Get Paid Dick
To receive bad payment for a job that sucks.

A lot of teens and young adults get paid dick to be abused by people like Bob all day.
By Flory
Board Man Gets Paid
The most viscous taunt you can give an opponent while rebounding a basketball. It refers to the board man (rebounder) being rewarded (gets paid) for his ball fetching efforts. The phrase will surely strike fear in the opposing team. Can also be applied to other events in life when somebody is owning another person or people.

The Claw grabbed a rebound and quietly uttered "board man gets paid." The other team subsequently forfeited the game.
By Catha
Get Money, Get Paid
1. The act of recieving payment.

2. A mantra for the true original ganstah - solid advice from Mr. Chi City.

1. Howard received a check in the mail today. He got money, and got paid.

2. Ermingarde got a promotion today. As they say - get money, get paid.
By Adrienne
Get Paid, Get Laid, Gatorade
Another term for "Get money, Something Else, Buy Gatorade

"Get paid, Get laid, Gatorade" Emoji, YUM YUM!!!
By Ainsley
Board Man Gets Paid
1) Popularized by NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard, the board man, who is the person doing all the hard work of rebound that is usually not in the spotlight of the basketball game. The saying in this context simply means anyone who is working hard should get a matching reward for their hard work.

2) This saying can also be traced back to Afro-Caribbean communities where during the table games such as pool or ping pong, the board man is the third person who ensures the game is fair. In this context the saying means that whoever contributes to the success of anyone or anything, should be rewarded as well for their continuations.

Emergency workers deserve to be recognized and rewarded by our society just as entertainers. I mean, the board man gets paid, yeah?
By Kassia
Get Laid Get Paid Gatorade
A phrase similar to fuck bitches get money however you get Gatorade after. Commonly said by the Jacksfilms community as he had created the phrase.

Jackfilm's newest YIAY featured a get laid get paid Gatorade comment.
By Evelyn