Define Hereford Meaning

Proud home of the Worlds most Elite Special Fordces; The British SAS (Special Air Service).

By Bebe
Supposedly a city, but actually a village on the welsh borders. Everyone is happy there, because the fumes of the Bulmers Cider factory leave everyone in a permanant state of tipsyness.

Very bad traffic. Always.

Large population of Welsh and Polish people, Herefordians cant understand either of them :P

Also famous for Hereford Cattle.

A very nice place to be.

herefordian farmer- alright my love? im from hereford!

saaf yuppie- yeah hey, where?
By Darell
The most awesome breed of cattle ever. Red coats with white heads, necks, bellies, tail switches, and occasionally feet. Originated in Herefordshire, England. Known for their excellent marbling quality in the meat and docile disposition.

Look at that cow that just won the show!

Yeah, it's a Hereford , duh!
By Daile
One would define Hereford in several different ways. There\'s the obvious: Hereford High School, the school in Northern Baltimore County with one of the best agriculture programs in the state. One would also define it as a way of life: taking pride in your state champ football team, your high overall SAT scores, being a Hereford Bull, joing the firehall and leaving class to go on fire calls, going to cattle shows, sleeping in barns on haystacks, smoking during lunch down at Bunker Hill, The Dip, the Bull Run.. the list will forever go on. Hereford is also a way of life: once you\'re here, you\'re lucky to get out.

I live in Hereford, I run The Dip once a week and sleep with my cattle when I have cattle shows.
By Ellette
Hereford Maryland is a place where a bunch spoiled rednecks become junkies or hookers unless you stem from a ritter-tree. It's a beautiful country area. Lots of farm and corn.

Hereford schools take tractor tests.
By Abigail
Hereford Special
The Hereford Special is the sexual act of forcing a sizeable amount of uncooked ground beef into a woman's vagina, engaging in vaginal intercourse, and then striking her stomach with your fist, foot, or head, causing the aforementioned beef to jettison out of the vaginal cavity. (This particular act is best performed on a woman who is lactating.)
-Vegetarians may use tofu or any other acceptable meat substitute.

Also referred to as the "Meat Skeet."

"Who wants to ride the Hereford Special ?"

Guy 1: "Dude, I just gave this chick the Hereford Special!"
Guy 2: "Don't talk to me ever again."
By Imojean
Hereford Zone
A rural location in northern Baltimore County, Maryland. The "Zone" is bordered by Carroll County to the west, Harford County to the east, York County, Pennsylvania to the north and the suburban sprall of Hunt Valley, Towson, Lutherville-Timonium etc. to the south.
The Hereford Zone is set apart from the remainder of Baltimore County due to it's rural setting and it's snow line. Anybody traveling Interstate 83 can attest to the snow line at Mt. Carmel Rd. where the snow magically stops to the south.

The Hereford Zone is set apart from the remainder of Baltimore County due to it's rural setting. Interstate 83 runs through it.
By Fredi
Hereford Bypass
Something that everyone wants, but it never happens.
Also a response by Herefordians for literally anything.

1) Are you ever going to get that new phone!? It's just like Hereford bypass
2a) What do you think of the traffic today? Bypass.
2b) How was the school run? Bypass.

2c) Did you get to your wedding on time? We really need a bypass.
By Fedora
Hereford, Texas
A small town in Texas that smells like the toilet after a trucker took the hugest shit of his life. When there is alot of wind, you can smell it from miles away, causing people to bag on the terrible reak of Amarillo because shitty ass Hereford is blowing in. With a population of 15,000 of either people that are the epitome of white trash - or mexican illegal immigrants.

Visitor of Amarillo: What the fuck is that smell?

Amarilloan: Oh, Hereford is just blowing in.

Talking to a newcomer
Me: And when the wind blows, like it does all the time - you will smell Hereford, Texas. Good luck with that.
By Ailene
Hereford Highschool
Hereford High's sports teams are full of cheaters. If they arent winning they find a way to cheat. They have nothing else to do out there besides milk cows thats why they are good at sports.

like having "trouble" with the clock...
amongest other things
By Tildi